5 Tips to Buy Indian Jewellery in the UK

5 Tips to Buy Indian Jewellery in the UK

Indian jewellery has come to the UK from all over India, including India's north and south. This market is based on the marriageable women of Asia. The first-generation immigrants to the UK brought their culture and traditions, and today's second-generation immigrants are following in their footsteps. Here are a few tips to buy Indian jewellery in the UK. All of these stores carry beautiful jewellery made by expert artisans in India. If you're looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery, check out these five websites.


Goenka Jewels

One of the leading brands of Indian bridal jewellery in the UK is Goenka Jewels. This brand is known for its stunning statement pieces. The brand aims to cater to modern women while combining old-world aesthetics with contemporary designs. The result is stunning works of art. The company's motto is "jewellery is more than just pretty adornment." Every piece is a story, and the collection includes everything from Mother of Pearl bridal sets to lustrous Cubic Zircon pieces. The jewellery range from Goenka Jewels includes statement earrings, maang tikkas and hand painted meenakari bangles.


Aurora's Collection

A statement-making, bold new SW collection, Aurora's Collection is a dazzling mix of contemporary sophistication and timeless Indian aesthetics. Inspired by the mythological goddess of the dawn, Aurora's Collection features striking cushion clusters, evocative of the sun's rays. As they flicker in the morning sunlight, they evoke a feeling of enlightened optimism. The earrings, in particular, are stunningly detailed, with an artistic twist.


Ram Jewellers

RAM JEWELLERS LIMITED is an established Indian gold jewellery brand with a store in Leicester, UK. They carry an extensive range of fine jewellery and have a large client base across the country. They specialize in bridal jewellery, offering a range of tailor-made options for each bride-to-be. Whether you're looking for a traditional piece or something completely different, they've got it!


Nims Boutique

If you want to buy Indian jewellery online, you may be interested in Nims Boutique, which was established in Nimmi Goswami's living room. The Leicester-based business now has two branches and sells its Indian jewellery and clothing internationally. Nims Boutique also has an online store, which is open worldwide. Nims Boutique has received several awards, including the

Small Business of the Year award and the UK Asian Wedding Award.



For your next gift, check out PureJewels' Indian jewellery. Modern designer jewellery pieces are available, including engagement and wedding rings. Modern collections of Indian jewellery include contemporary and traditional styles, as well as modern, chic pieces. A wide range of styles are available, from bridal and engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets. From contemporary to traditional, you're sure to find a stylish and unique piece that will make an impression.


Lebaas Online

If you want to buy an exquisite piece of Indian jewellery, then look no further than Lebaas Online. Based in the UK, the company is the largest stockist of Indian jewellery on the internet. In addition to an extensive range of jewellery, you can also get your jewellery custom-made, with 22-ct gold plating and a lifetime guarantee. You can also choose a diamond or other gemstone for your piece of jewellery.