A Ring With Onyx As a Center Stone

A Ring With Onyx As a Center Stone

If you're considering a ring with onyx as a center stone, you've come to the right place. This piece features 14-karat yellow gold and a satin and polished finish. The barrel-cut onyx is set in the center, with pave diamond side stones accenting the stone. The ring's slim design makes it a stylish choice for any man. If you're not sure what cut you want, there are several other options available.



Angara is an elegant jewelry brand known for its beautiful, intricately-detailed engagement and wedding rings. The brand is known for their vintage-inspired jewelry, which is often adorned with colored gemstones. Their ring selections range from plain to curved rings. A black onyx solitaire is a sophisticated choice for an engagement ring. Other popular styles include vintage-inspired wedding bands and three-stone settings. Each piece is customizable, so you can choose the exact carat weight of your gemstones, as well as the metal that you want to use.

Angara jewelry is often made using black onyx. This type of stone is renowned for its mysterious appearance and intriguing hue. Wearing this gemstone jewelry is bound to attract admiring glances. And Angara has an extensive line of black onyx jewelry to suit any taste. The black onyx collection is a beautiful way to express your personality. This ring is a statement-maker and will surely garner attention from others.

If you're considering buying an Angara ring with onyx for a loved one, this jewelry line specializes in gemstones and diamonds. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and outsources the manufacturing process to India and Thailand. They pride themselves on delivering quality jewelry at affordable prices. Their jewelry collection is unique and offers gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, tanzanite, and tanzanite.

A black onyx ring is an excellent choice for releasing negative emotions. It can also protect against negative energies. The soothing properties of black onyx surround the mind with positive feelings. It helps the wearer release their negative emotions and emotionally distance themselves from them. In fact, this type of ring is used by Victorian mourners and is considered to be beneficial for releasing negative thoughts. Angera rings with black onyx can help you move on with your life and achieve all the goals that you have dreamed of.

The beauty of an onyx ring goes beyond its color. This gemstone is considered to be a unique, unusual stone. It is not as durable as black diamonds but is equally beautiful. It's a bold choice for an engagement ring. In addition, onyx rings are more affordable than black diamonds. And because it is a more pliable gemstone, onyx rings require more care than black diamonds.


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The classic engagement ring has been a symbol of love for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians wore rings on the third finger of their left hands, believing the vein in their heart went straight to the heart. Gemvara carefully selects conflict-free gems, expertly cuts them for maximum beauty. A black onyx engagement ring exudes classic sophistication. Whether you choose a ring for her or a man, onyx is a timeless choice.

For the ultimate in modern style, you can't go wrong with a ring with black diamonds. This classic and modern style features a halo ring setting. The diamond band makes the ring flattering and comfortable to wear. The black tourmaline center stone lends an air of stylish sophistication, while white diamonds flank it. You'll be sure to find the perfect piece for your fiance!