A Saddle Ring Is a Unique Way to Attach a Gun to a Saddle

A Saddle Ring Is a Unique Way to Attach a Gun to a Saddle

A saddle ring is a metal ring attached to the receiver of a firearm. The saddle ring allows the firearm to be tied to a saddle or other specialized sling. Saddle rings can be used in several ways, including hunting, fishing, and law enforcement. In hunting, for example, a saddle ring allows the hunter to tie the firearm to the horse's saddle. It is also used in tactical situations.


Silver Ivy Concave Saddle Ring

This slender, yet beautiful ring is a must-have piece of jewelry. Crafted of Sterling Silver and 18k gold, it features a modern concave design that is ideal for everyday wear. The Sterling Collection's line of modern, architectural masterpieces has evolved over the years into trend-setting pieces of jewelry that are sure to please. While this ring comes in a standard ring size of 6.5, we are happy to provide sizing services at no additional cost.


Blued steel saddle ring

If you've been searching for a dependable way to attach a single-point sling to your firearm, the blued steel saddle ring might be the solution for you. This universally mounted device comes with threads on both sides and is made of blued steel. Because of its universal mountability, it can be installed on nearly any firearm. Its thread length is 0.125 inches, and its overall length is 0.457 inches. However, you should always remember that this ring is not made to fit a specific firearm. You will want to seek the services of a qualified gunsmith for installation.


Ramsdens Jewellery's saddle ring

If you're looking for a unique ring, you've come to the right place. Ramsdens Jewellery has a range of saddle rings in gold, silver, and cubic zirconia. Browse their online shop to find your perfect ring. These rings are sure to turn heads and will be a great way to celebrate your love of horses and the outdoors. Ramsdens Jewellery is an all-inclusive excess watch shop in the UK, offering customers a variety of products. Many products are protected, delivered, and come with boxes from some producers.