Add a Bold Citrine Ring to Your Jewelry Collection

Add a Bold Citrine Ring to Your Jewelry Collection

If you're looking for a beautiful and affordable ring that will add a splash of color to your wardrobe, consider a citrine ring. Citrine was one of the most popular gemstones during the Art Deco era. Its bold color and hefty carat weight made it a popular choice for statement jewelry. Today, even larger citrines are affordable and can still make a powerful statement. Citrine rings have also remained popular, even though they're no longer in fashion. They're also durable and a great choice for daily wear.


925 sterling silver ring

This 925 sterling silver Citrine ring features a natural yellow Citrine gemstone in a half eternity band. The stone is valued for its good luck properties and is said to help with digestion. This gemstone also helps cure digestive diseases and is known as an amulet of good luck. This ring also has a 925 stamp on it. You can get a similar ring for your spouse, daughter, or mother from an online store.

This ring is handmade from 925 sterling silver. A large, faceted golden citrine gemstone weighs around four carats. It is a ring size 8 1/2 and is bezel set. A ring size 10 is available. A ring of this size is a beautiful choice for any occasion. It will make a bold statement. Whether you want to wear it everyday or to a special occasion, it is a statement you'll be proud to show off.


Large lemon citrine ring

Featuring a beautiful lemon yellow hue, this large citrine ring has an elegant look and was handcrafted in sterling silver. It is bezel set with a 14-carat, natural citrine gem that measures about 15mm in diameter. Available in sizes 9 and 10, it is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. If you are looking for a ring that can be worn everyday, this is it. Its unique style is reminiscent of a vintage ring and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Citrine is a yellow to red-orange variety of crystalline quartz. This stone's marketing has led to a surge in popularity in the jewelry industry. A lot of home shopping networks have aggressively promoted citrine as a fashionable alternative to other birthstones in November. And with its bright color and easy availability, citrine has become a popular gemstone for many people. Its low price ranges are only surpassed by the fact that the stone is widely available in larger sizes. However, citrines with inclusions reduce their value.


Round band

If you're looking for a beautiful ring with a yellow hue, a round citrine band is perfect for you. A yellow-hued gemstone, citrine is the birthstone for November and is the perfect stone to mark your eleventh or thirteenth wedding anniversary. You can purchase a beautiful ring in sterling silver or yellow gold to add a touch of bliss to any look. This yellow-colored gemstone is a form of quartz, and its name is derived from the Latin 'citrina', which means 'yellow'. For rings made from this gem, Angara has a selection of rings with citrine gemstones in yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Citrine is the stone of success, and was thought to bring prosperity to its wearer. It is associated with growth, prosperity, and happiness, and is readily available in the market. While it can be costly, a quality stone can cost only a small fraction of the price of a comparable gemstone. To make the most of this stone, select a large, high-quality stone from reputable sources. For the most beautiful ring with a citrine gemstone, you'll want to invest in a band with a large stone.


Open bezel setting

Wearing a Citrine ring with an open bezel setting is an exquisite way to showcase the stone's sunny summer colors. The gemstone, derived from the French word for lemon, embodies joy, jubilation, and energy. This stunning ring features three natural citrine gemstones, totaling 2.60ctw. The stone measures approximately 3/8"L x 1/4"W.

This ring features an oval cut, 4.75-carat citrine that is bezel-set in sterling silver. The stone weighs 4.75 carats and has a bright yellow color. The open bezel setting exposes the gemstone's faceted bottom, allowing the stone to touch the skin while worn. As a substitute for Jupiter, citrine is an excellent stone to wear to further enhance your lucky characteristics.



If you are planning to buy a citrine ring, you need to know some important facts about this stone. Its value depends on the quality of its cut, clarity, and color. For the best result, you should choose a citrine gemstone that has a perfect cut and consistent saturated color hue. A certified gemologist can assess the value of citrine rings by looking at the quality of cut, clarity, and color. The report will also provide background information from 2013 to 2018 along with the company's development plans and recent product launches.

Although citrine is a durable stone, it is susceptible to damage over time. If not handled properly, it can become dull and degrade its value. It should therefore be cleaned with a soft brush and mild liquid soap before storing it in a jewelry box. For added protection, store your citrine engagement ring in a jewelry box to avoid scratching. If you're unsure about the care and maintenance of your citrine ring, it's best to take it to a jewelry store to have it cleaned.