Add Sparkle to Your Outfit With Star Earrings

Add Sparkle to Your Outfit With Star Earrings

These star earrings feature clusters of fiery cubic zirconia gemstones. To wear them, wear your hair in a sleek ponytail and pair them with a delicate moonstone pendant necklace or silver ball chain necklace. Wear your favorite midi dress or cashmere sweater and strappy suede boots to complete the look. For additional sparkle, wear these star earrings with a small gold or silver circle necklace or a clear gemstone ring or bangle bracelet.


Shooting star earrings

The beauty of shooting stars comes in many shapes and sizes. These earrings are modeled after the stars in the night sky and feature swirling hand-set crystals in many shapes. The earrings measure approximately 1.5" in length and come in many different colors. You will love these simple and elegant earrings for every occasion. If you are looking for a pair of these earrings for less than $100, look no further than JR Fashion Accessories. Each piece of jewelry in this line is designed by a jewelry designer and hand-crafted.


Hoop earrings

You can add sparkle to your outfit by wearing these dangling star earrings. The beveled edge of the star hoops reflect the light and are highly eye-catching. They are available in different designs, like the traditional pairs in each ear. Modern star hoops can be worn alone, too. Let your personality shine through with these beautiful earrings. They will complement any ensemble, so don't hesitate to get one for yourself.


Stud earrings

If you're looking for a pair of diamond earrings that will make your outfit complete, look no further than stud earrings with stars. Made of 14k white gold, these stunning stars are crafted with friction backs for a secure fit. Whether you're wearing them alone or with your favorite studs, you'll love their versatility. Whether you prefer to wear your star studs alone, or pair them with a crescent moon, the choices are endless.


Barbell earrings

Solid gold barbell earrings are a stylish way to display your love for piercings. These star-shaped barbell earrings feature a five-millimeter star-shaped barbell and butterfly-style back. They will remain secure in your ear and look gorgeous on your conch or cartilage. To wear these dazzling earrings, you must have a healed piercing. You can choose the right style for you based on your piercing.


Sleeper earrings

Sleeper earrings are lightweight hoops. They fit snugly on the ear and do not require a stopper to secure them. This style also has rhodium plating, which helps prevent tarnishing and scratches. Despite their simplicity, sleeper earrings look great paired with other types of studs and threaders. These earrings are not only lightweight but also comfortable to wear. They pair perfectly with other sleepers for a complete celestial look.