Birthstone Jewellery - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Birthstone Jewellery - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

 July is the month of fiery red rubies. The name ruby is derived from the Latin "ruber", and the stone was considered the 'King of Gems' by the ancient Hindus. Fiery red rubies are an excellent present for your lover, or event for yourself if you want to express your love and passion. July is also the month of the lime green peridot, which is believed to harness the powers of nature. The peridot was discovered by accident, but it is now considered a sacred stone, containing the tears of Pele.



 Whether you are born in January or July, birthstone jewellery is a timeless choice. Birthstone necklaces and bracelets add a subtle touch of magic to your outfit. These necklaces can be worn alone or layered to create the perfect look for any occasion. And if you're not looking to make a big statement, birthstone pendants are equally versatile as a basic necklace. And since you'll be wearing them constantly, they'll add happiness to your life.

 While we may associate sapphire with the colour blue, it comes in a variety of colours, including pink and yellow. Sapphires are 'phenomenon' stones because they change colour and are said to protect from stress and evil. In fact, they were once thought to kill venomous snakes. It's no wonder sapphires are popular choices for engagement rings. As the birthstone for October, this stone also represents honesty.


 Birthstone jewellery has a long history, stretching as far back as ancient Egypt. The 12 stones on Moses' breastplate were a representation of the twelve tribes of Israel, and later, the zodiac. The modern birthstone list was first developed in 1912, when The Jewelers of America introduced the concept of a birthstone. The stone that represents the month of birth is associated with different qualities and traits, including good luck, protection and a happy life.

 Birthstones come in many colors and can be chosen to match your zodiac sign and day of the week. Some birthstones are associated with certain feelings, while others are associated with specific days of the week. If you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one, consider buying birthstone jewellery that symbolizes their personality. It's an excellent way to show that you care about them. For a truly meaningful gift, consider buying a piece of birthstone jewellery to commemorate the month of your birth.



 The tradition of wearing birthstone jewellery dates back thousands of years. Gemstones are often associated with particular months and astrological signs. The Jewish historian Josephus linked specific gemstones to each month, while the Hindus attributed each stone to different planets and astrological signs. People began wearing birthstone jewellery all year round as early as the 16th century. The ancient Hawaiians wore their stone as a sign of good luck, while the Polish people wore theirs throughout the year.

 The Romans, Greeks, and others believed that the stone, or its equivalent, amethyst, protected the wearer from harm. However, they believed that if they cut a diamond they would hurt the gods, so cutting it would destroy its power and remove the protection it offered. This myth was later debunked by modern gemologists. In addition to being associated with luck and prosperity, some gemstones have a rich and fascinating Mythology.


Meaningful gift

 Whether you're buying for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or just because, birthstone jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful gift. Birthstones are associated with specific astrological signs, so if you're buying a present for someone who is born in a certain month, you can choose a gem that corresponds to that person. If you're buying for someone who doesn't have a birthday, birthstone jewellery is a thoughtful gift that they'll cherish for years to come.

Jewellery with the birthstone of the recipient is a meaningful gift that embodies your deepest feelings. Choose a ring or pendant that bears the stone's meaning. Alternatively, you can choose earrings or a charm necklace with the birthstone of the recipient. There are many options for birthstones, including white gold bangles, rings, pendants, and earrings. Whether you're buying birthstone jewellery as a gift for a friend or a family member, you'll be sure to impress.