Charms For Earring Hoops

Charms For Earring Hoops

Charms for earring hoops are a great way to accessorize your jewelry. Choose from a wide range of charms to create a unique look. Many popular designs include Reversible charms, star charms and faux turquoise discs. All are nickel and lead free, so they are a safe choice for allergy-prone people. The charms are easily removable, too. To make them more versatile, you can try different designs on different hoop sizes.


Reversible charms

Reversible charms for earring hoop earrings are a stylish way to change the look of a hoop earring with the flip of a switch. Featuring a double inlay in black and red with a hinged back for secure wear, this hoop earring features a square zig-zag design on one side. Its reversible charms are easily interchangeable and make the earring both functional and beautiful.

Reversible charms are typically made of metal, such as gold. This style features a charm made from 14K gold with a polished finish. Each charm is one inch in diameter and is reversible. The gold-plated charms are sealed to prevent tarnish. Free returns and free shipping are included with purchases of full-priced earrings. Remember, free shipping is only for full-priced items.


Star hoop earring charms

The starry cosmos is the inspiration for these stellar hooped earring charms. Set in rose gold plating, they feature white fire crystals. Made to be worn alone or in pairs, these earrings are designed to match a variety of styles. In addition to the stars, these earrings are also available in an eco-friendly version. These are made from recycled metals and come with social or environmental benefits.

The ear hoops are meant to be gently slid on to the lobes without bending them open. You may want to use a side-to-side motion to gently open them. Once secure in place, close them by pressing the ear wire back into the hoop. Then, reapply earring-catch solution. In case you accidentally open the hoop, make sure to re-close it once it's secure.


925 sterling silver hoop earrings with charms

A pair of 925 sterling silver hoop earrings with a charm is an essential piece of jewellery for any girl's wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable, and are the perfect everyday piece. They are made with a high-quality metal for durability. Designed for pierced ears, these earrings are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. They also make the perfect gift for a loved one!