Everything You Need to Know About Spero Earrings

Everything You Need to Know About Spero Earrings

Spero earrings are a gorgeous way to add a touch of seaside charm to any outfit. Depending on the style, you can also wear them as stud earrings or as part of a necklace. A great way to get the perfect fit is by measuring the inside diameter of the earring hoop against the measurement of the piercing hole. The inside diameter of the hoop is the smallest inside diameter of the earring.



When you're looking to purchase a pair of spero earrings, you need to know that they'll cost between £30 and £90. You'll have to pay for the earrings themselves, as well as any additional aftercare. Getting a new set of spero earrings will be an investment in your appearance and health. While they may look stunning, they will require regular cleaning. If you're worried about the cost, you should consider getting them pierced by a professional.

The type of metal you choose is crucial. The safest metal for a new piercing is implant-grade stainless steel. The reason for this is that it is hypoallergenic and made for wearing in the body. Cheaper materials, however, may not be safe. Titanium is hypoallergenic, but it contains traces of nickel. You may also opt for gold or platinum. However, these materials are more expensive than 14-karat gold, which can lead to infection.



Aftercare for spero earrings is just as important as for any other piercing. The initial healing period can be extended by several factors, including the type of piercing you choose, the location where you had the piercing, and the type of starter jewelry you use. Be sure to research all of these factors before getting your spero earring pierced, and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any infections.

Infection is a major concern with cartilage piercings, particularly those that penetrate the ear lobe. Infections can be extremely painful, requiring antibiotics. You should never remove your jewelry if you suspect you've contracted an infection, as this can worsen the situation. Aftercare for spero earrings is crucial to avoid any complications and ensure the piercing lasts a lifetime.


Metal options

The metal options for spero earrings are just as numerous as the types of speros themselves. Regular studs and MINI Hoop Post earrings are made with 20 gauge thick posts, while the SPERO Piercing wire is thicker and typically 16 or 14 gauge. You can choose a different gauge, though, in the drop down menu. A lower number indicates a thicker wire, so keep that in mind. These earrings are comfortable to wear and look great.

While nickel and tarnish are common concerns, there are some metals that are safe for use in spero piercings. Titanium and nickel are both excellent choices. Niobium is a nickel-free alternative, but you may notice that they are slightly more expensive than titanium. Platinum and low-karat gold are also safe, but they do require frequent polishing. If you are concerned about nickel or other metals, consider using solid gold or platinum instead of silver.


Pain level

If you are planning to pierce your ears with spero earrings, you'll have to be prepared for a decent amount of pain. Because speros are a thick chunk of ear cartilage, they are likely to be painful, but they shouldn't last longer than the first moment the needle passes through. Moreover, the piercing shouldn't be too difficult, but the area should be well-sterilized.

Although spero piercings don't carry the risk of migration, they can be more prone to infection. The risk of infection is higher for cartilage piercings than for earlobes. However, you should never remove the jewelry prematurely because it may cause infection. The piercing site may become inflamed and itching. Nevertheless, these symptoms aren't a sign of an allergic reaction. Pustules or irritated skin near the piercing site are usually the result of excessive scar tissue growth.