Fingerprint Necklace - A Personalized Way to Honor a Loved One

Fingerprint Necklace - A  Personalized Way to Honor a Loved One

 Personalized jewelry is one of the most unique ways to honor a loved one. This jewelry shows the depth and dimension of a loved one's fingerprint, making it truly unique. The fingerprint on the necklace looks as if a loved one pressed their finger into the piece, rather than being etched on a surface. Unlike many other types of jewelry, fingerprint necklaces are entirely organic, so the engraving will remain true to life.

 There are two types of fingerprint memorial jewelry: etched and printed. The latter is used to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. A fingerprint necklace made for a loved one who died is an extremely personalized gift. While name necklaces were popular for a while, fingerprint jewelry is far more personal. Most funeral homes collect fingerprints from the deceased, so it is easy to find a piece that was unique. A fingerprint necklace is also an excellent keepsake for an anniversary or a birthday.

 Other types of fingerprint jewelry include earrings and wristlets. Fingerprint earrings are typically dangly and hang away from the earlobe. These are often designed to have the same fingerprint on both sides. Fingerprint necklaces also come in many shapes, including silver heart, gold heart, and metallic cross. Other options include dog tags and other metal items. You can also find engraved key chains with your loved one's fingerprints. Other ways to customize a fingerprint necklace are with a name or a photo on a dog tag. You can also create a dog tag with your loved one's fingerprints and add a charm to it.