Flower Rings by JTV

Flower Rings by JTV

When purchasing a flower ring, you may be looking for a definite era. An Art Nouveau or Retro era flower ring might be a better choice for you, but you might also like a Victorian era flower ring. Whichever era you prefer, JTV has a flower ring that would suit your taste. In addition to the eras mentioned above, JTV also offers a variety of gemstones and materials for your flower ring.


Art Nouveau era flower ring

A stunning Art Nouveau era flower ring features a hand-carved jade flower set with a small hexagonal diamond in the center. The petals are adorned with rose cut diamonds and silver-topped leaves. This 14K rose gold ring is hallmarked in Vienna, Austria, and has a swooping asymmetric band dotted with glinting diamonds. The band is adjustable, and the ring's goldsmith's initials are engraved into the ring.

Designers of the Art Nouveau style tended to experiment with geometric shapes and patterns. The designs often emphasized nature and the human form by highlighting creative work. They also tried to reproduce the handcrafted jewelry that was vanishing with the Industrial Revolution. However, many of the rings produced during this time were mass-produced or machine-made. It is possible to find an Art Nouveau-era handcraft ring at a specialized antique dealer.

Art Nouveau style jewelry is typically delicate and airy. The design features multiple stones with flowing gallery detail and a halo. The three-stone ring offers the wearer the chance to experiment with the larger gallery. In addition, many Art Nouveau-inspired jewelry pieces have unusual settings, including bezel-set diamonds and split shanks. A ring setting can be a perfect way to incorporate the design of Art Nouveau.


Retro era flower ring

The Retro era is a period of time from the 1940s to the 1950s and features colorful and bold designs. Platinum Art Deco filigree was discarded for voluminous gold and rounded edges. Pieces featured oversize bows, scrolls, flowers and birds. Many pieces were also made with big, juicy rubies. One example of this style is the Retro Multi-Gemstone Flower Ring by Alex Cooper.

The Retro era flower ring was also popular during that time. The flower ring is set with brilliant and single cut diamonds, and it also features a single blue sapphire. The floral design is also a symbol of devotion and undying love. It is said that a flower ring can be worn for many reasons, and it is not surprising that the vintage era flower ring has become a timeless favorite.

Floral designs were often carved into semi-precious soft gemstones during the Art Deco era. Floral patterns were consistent in color and form. These rings often feature a lotus blossom or other flowers. While floral motifs were less realistic during the Victorian era, they remained popular among women. The flowers were larger in scale and the petals articulated. Flowers also symbolized love, loyalty, and devotion.

Victorian era flower ring

A classic example of a Victorian era flower ring is a crafted piece of 10kt yellow gold with six red and seed pearls set in a cluster design. The flowers were set in a flower cluster design that spans the shoulders of the ring. The band features simplistic ridges that are reminiscent of the Victorian period. This ring measures 6 1/4 inches and is in near very good condition.

This stunning double flower ring is set with 10 natural split pearls and two tiny diamond and ruby pistils. This ring is entirely crafted of solid 18k gold and shows a surprising amount of hallmarks, indicating that it was assayed in Birmingham, England in 1872. The style is classic Victorian, with tapered shoulders and a regal feel. This ring can fetch anywhere from $385 to $19,500.

Victorian jewels often have all the symbols and themes one could dream up. These pieces are unapologetically sentimental and are a perfect choice as a gift. If you're looking for a unique fashion accessory that will stand out from the crowd, a flower ring with flowers is perfect for you! It's also a beautiful way to add some personality to your wardrobe! Try camellias, orchids, and forget-me-nots to create a timeless look.