Get a Green Stone Ring For Your Engagement Ring

Get a Green Stone Ring For Your Engagement Ring

If you want your engagement ring to be one of a kind, consider getting a ring crafted with an intense green stone. These stones are known as Bloodstones, Seraphinite, and Tsavorite. But first, let's talk about what they are. What makes them so appealing? And

what's the difference between these different types of stones? And how can you tell if one is right for you?

8.5-carat green diamond ring with white diamonds on each side

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged, and they've just revealed their engagement ring! The 8.5-carat green diamond is the center piece, which is held in platinum by gold prongs. White diamonds flank the green stone on each side. The actresses are reportedly engaged after sourcing the ring from Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner.

A green diamond's unique hue is due to a natural process that occurs deep within the earth, and is the cause of its color. This process involves exposing the diamond to radiation that's emitted when it forms. Because the light is reflected from the green diamond, it is unusually difficult to cut. Moreover, cutting such a gemstone takes a full year!

The couple's engagement ring was also revealed during the announcement of Jennifer Lopez's engagement to Ben Affleck. The 8.5-carat green diamond on the center of the ring is estimated to be worth between $5 million and $10 million. Ben Affleck has been known to make elaborate gestures to his girlfriend. The ring is a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.


A ring with Bloodstones is perfect for anyone with Aries, as this stone supports the fiery energy and leadership of Aries. It helps the fiery fire sign stay grounded, while also encouraging strong heart and circulation. It is also a good choice for those who want to root their chakras down and maintain a strong sense of compassion. Bloodstone can bring courage and peace, and help a person deal with a crisis or difficulty without losing focus.

While the color of the bloodstone is different from that of other gemstones, they both have a dark green base color and red or orange spots. The most valuable stones contain red spots, which are the bloodstone's characteristic pigment. These spots are caused by deposits of iron oxide minerals in the stone, most likely hematite. The finest examples of bloodstones have a solid, forest-green base color with sharp red dots throughout. These inclusions are usually arranged randomly.


When it comes to healing, a seraphinite green stone ring is an essential piece for any spiritual practice. Its powers help you connect with your guides and angels and enhance your psychic visions. You may find that this stone is especially helpful if you're feeling down. Its energy is said to wash away your sorrow and pain, and it can help you determine where your place is in this world.

The name Seraphinite comes from the Seraphim, celestial six-winged angelic beings. The green stone, which is opaque and has mica inclusions, resembles angel's wings. The stone is a grounding manifestation of the green ray and the Yin aspect of the Heart Chakra. It enhances compassion and helps you process personal growth. Its lustrous shine is ideal for ring settings.


Whether you want a green stone for a ring or are planning on wearing a ring with a Tsavorite green stone, this gemstone is worth considering. Tsavorite is a relatively new addition to the jewelry market, and the gemstone's high price has prompted collectors to increase their prices. However, compared to fine emeralds, a Tsavorite ring is still considerably more affordable.

Tsavorites come in all shades of green, from pale to dark green. You can pick your favorite one based on its color. The best tsavorite is not too dark or too pale, but somewhere in between. If you're looking for a green stone ring, look for a natural, eye-clean gem. High quality tsavorites are difficult to find, but if you can afford a ring with a tsavorite green stone, you'll get a real piece of nature.

A green stone ring may not be the most practical choice for your next engagement ring, but if you're looking for a unique and gorgeous piece for your special someone, consider a Tsavorite green stone ring. The stone has been known to increase the value of your diamond, and its color is often more intense than that of a white stone. Whether you're searching for an elegant, modern ring or a classic ring, you'll find something that suits your taste and budget.