Gothic Engagement Rings

Gothic Engagement Rings

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring for your Gothic partner, you've come to the right place. Read on for some tips on selecting a gothic ring. This article will show you how to select the perfect diamond, including Stephen Einhorn, Black Diamonds, Shield cuts, and more. Then, make your purchase with confidence. Here are a few ways to purchase a gothic ring.

Stephen Einhorn

In a light-filled and wood-panelled store, Stephen Einhorn's gothic rings evoke a sense of melancholy. A ring adorned with gothic symbols, such as skulls and bones, might strike fear into the hearts of the living. But what exactly are gothic rings? And are they really all that evil? Read on to find out. And if you like your jewellery to look a bit edgy, you'll find that these rings are just as eye-catching as those worn by those who don't like goths.

Stephen Einhorn, a London-based fine jewelry designer, has been creating skull and goth-inspired designs for a long time. His skull jewelry collection is an excellent example of his unique style. Gothic rings are a growing trend among designers, and many of them are incorporating gothic themes into their designs. Other designers, such as Sofia Ajram of Sofia Zakia, have also begun incorporating this style into their bridal and engagement rings.

Love Adorned

New York City's Love Adorned is a renowned jeweler with a cult following. Notable customers include Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke, and Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition to their eclectic collection of jewelry, Love Adorned also sells home and lifestyle accessories. This jewelry boutique has also expanded to a second location in Santa Monica, CA.

One of the newest gothic engagement rings by Love Adorned features a salt-and-pepper diamond and two skulls set in the band. Inside, the ring has the words "Till death do us part." Another ring by Chris Aire is shaped like a pear, with 67 round diamonds. Whether you're looking for something unique and custom, Love Adorned has a ring to fit your taste and budget.

Black Diamonds

For decades, black diamonds have been the preferred choice for the gothic subculture, and men have chosen them over other types of synthetic gemstones in ring settings. Today, the black diamond holds many benefits and appeals to the gothic crowd. It can be worn for both gothic fashion events and more traditional social gatherings. Here are some reasons why. And do you really need to wear black diamonds in a Gothic ring?

The bold black diamond set in a pave band of yellow, rose and white gold creates a striking contrast. For a touch of sexiness, go for a pink sapphire with a band of black diamonds. The ring's knife edge band is adorned with shimmering round diamonds. Alternatively, choose a white gold ring with a black stone set in it.

Shield cuts

A medieval armored man could easily distinguish a ring with shield cuts from an ornamental one. Shields were commonly trimmed with rawhide or leather, which held them together and reinforced them. When painted, they had a protective effect on the armour, but they also added significant weight. During construction, these armored men often opted to use simple wood for their shields rather than the heavier iron.

Reproductions of these pieces are typically thicker, with the center stone twelve millimeters in diameter and six millimeters thick at the edges. In order to ensure authenticity, some rings were crafted with tool marks. The shields featured on these Gothic rings had to be shaped to match the ring's band and be secure. To make them more durable, a ring's metal was made from recycled 22k blackened gold.


There is something for everyone when it comes to skulls in Gothic rings. From the ugliest to the most stylish, there's a skull ring to fit your style. A rustic skull ring will keep your hands warm during the winter. And, if you want to dress up your hand and neck, you can choose a chic skull ring that matches any outfit. And, if you want a more feminine touch, there are plenty of lovely rose-shaped skull rings available in the market.

A custom-made skull ring is one of the most striking pieces of jewelry. Made of sterling silver, this ring is adjustable, so you can fit it on any finger. In addition, this skull ring is an excellent wedding band or engagement ring. It is perfect for men and women of all ages. If you want to make a bold statement, you can wear it with a black dress or go for a more delicate look.

Religious symbolism

The eye of Ra is an ancient Egyptian symbol that has a different meaning in Gothic style jewelry. Egyptians used this symbol to represent both the Sun god and Ra himself. Gothics, however, use the eye as a symbol of sadness. Goth jewelry and design incorporates many different symbols, but the eye of Ra is a common one that all Gothic jewelry and designs share. Listed below are the most common symbols used in Gothic jewelry.

The fleur de lys, which means "flowered lily," was a common motif for Gothic rings. Louis VII even wore the symbol on his shield. Some historians believe the lily represented the Holy Trinity and Mary the Virgin, as well as the blessing of kings and priests. Other floral motifs found in

Gothic jewelry were thorny plants, which represented the torments of Christ and the spiritual trials he endured.