How to Care Your Silver Hoop Earrings 

Silver hoops can be clean by using a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water. Ideally, they should be polished every two to three months, and should be stored away from water and harsh chemicals. A simple cleaning procedure with a soft microfiber cloth is all that's required. However, you should avoid soaking your silver hoops in water, which could damage them. Instead, keep them in a case of jewelry storage solution and avoid exposing them to the elements.

Black Enamel hoops are made from 925 recycled silver

These hoops come with a concealed hinge closure and are made from 925 recycled sterling silver. The hoops feature a black enamel finish and are nickel and cadmium free. The earrings also have a lifetime guarantee. If you are wondering how to tell if your new hoops are genuine 925 recycled silver, just look for the hallmark 925. It is the purity of the silver, and it means that the piece is made entirely of silver. The hallmark 925 breaks down to 92.5% silver and 7.5% additional metal.

They are lightweight

Silver hoops are popular for piercings on many different body parts. They're also lightweight and comfortable, making them an excellent choice for multiple piercings. They're the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you want to dress up for a special occasion or wear them everyday. A pair of hoops is versatile and will add to your wardrobe no matter what you wear them with. And because they're made of lightweight silver, you won't have to worry about them weighing you down.

They are made from recycled sterling silver

Whether you're looking for a unique pair of earrings to compliment your newfound style or want a more environmentally friendly alternative, Universal Thread's recycled sterling silver hoops are the perfect option. Featuring a simple silver finish, these recycled silver hoops can easily be layered with other jewelry. To keep them looking as new as the day you bought them, clean them occasionally with a soft cloth and mild soap.

They match everything

Whether you're dressing up for a night on the town or putting together your everyday ensemble, silver hoops can be the perfect accessory. These earrings can be worn with just about anything, from dresses to jeans to casual tees. And you don't have to be a fashion icon to wear them - Spero has a wide selection for every occasion. In addition to having the best selection of silver hoops, you can also get free shipping and exclusive deals on your purchase.

They are nickel-free

Choosing a piece of jewelry with a nickel-free designation is important for people with sensitive skin. While a small percentage of nickel in jewelry is considered safe for most people, if you have an allergy to nickel, you should avoid purchasing any piece of jewelry that has a high nickel content. If you're unsure whether a piece of jewelry is nickel-free, consult your dermatologist. Nickel-free jewelry may also refer to plating, which can wear off over time.

They are easy to wear

A simple pair of hoops can make a bold fashion statement. The circular shape of hoops complements cheekbones and jawbones and defines them. In addition, hoops are secure, since they go through the ear instead of relying on an earring back. This reduces the risk of losing the earring. Whether you wear one or several hoop earrings, you will find that they work for almost any occasion.