How to Choose a Marquise Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Marquise Engagement Rin

Marquise cut gemstones are popular for engagement rings. These stunning stones are often related to lemons and citrus regions. Those who love cats may want to consider purchasing a marquise engagement ring. This gemstone can also represent a romantic cruise or an aquatic adventure. If your loved one has a passion for football or cats, this ring is an excellent choice. The options for this shape are endless.

Modern designs

When choosing an engagement ring, the shape of the center stone can make a major difference. Marquise diamonds are a classic choice for engagement rings, but a modern twist is available as well. A ring featuring a marquise diamond may be more unique than one with a round center stone. This cut pairs beautifully with other gems and looks great as a solitaire or halo. Vintage brides may be attracted to the classic feel of this style, but jewelers like Anna Sheffield are making a comeback.

Marquise diamonds are known for their classic shape, but many jewelry designers have taken a modern approach and have created contemporary rings using this shape. Some options include east-west stones and double-band silhouettes. Other modern touches include rose gold or enamel detailing. While marquise cuts may feel traditional, they are still incredibly stylish and can be worn by anyone. In fact, they have even earned the approval of celebs, including Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


A marquise engagement ring is a classic choice for a vintage-inspired wedding. These elongated rings often have a pave diamond halo that dazzles from every angle. Marquise diamonds can also be surrounded by sapphires, rubies, or opals for a celestial-themed statement piece.

There are many ways to create a beautiful engagement ring using this timeless shape.

For example, the traditional six-prong setting may not compliment your wide finger. If your finger is more narrow, consider a vertical setting. Either way, it will look lovely. The ring settings for a marquise engagement ring are largely the same, but each style will have a slightly different look. Some retailers offer both options. Make sure to compare the metals and styles before making a final decision.


The price of a marquise engagement ring can vary widely. Diamonds in this shape are long and narrow, creating an antique appearance. They are also referred to as football or eye shapes, and are a great choice for an engagement ring if you want something truly unique. Price of marquise engagement ring varies according to cut, color, and clarity. Some of these stones have been certified by the Better Business Bureau as being of the highest quality.

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, and marquise engagement rings are no exception. These diamonds are cut in a modified way to maximize light exposure and sparkle. A marquise engagement ring can range from $2,500 to tens of thousands of dollars. As the largest of all engagement rings, marquise diamonds are also the most affordable. However, marquise diamonds are not the most popular choice for engagement rings.


If you're planning on proposing to your fiance with a Marquise diamond engagement ring, you should first check her ring size. Most brides-to-be place a high priority on the ring size. A marquise ring has a long body, which can make it appear larger than its actual carat weight. However, a marquise cut diamond can also cost the same as a round brilliant diamond.

The cut and proportion of a marquise is a bit more complicated. They can come in a variety of different sizes, with the length-to-width ratio varying from 1.70 to 1.80. Some people prefer a long-shaded look while others like a more squashed oval appearance. Ultimately, however, the shape of a stone depends on your preference, and a smaller or larger stone is not necessarily less attractive.


The marquise shape is a popular choice for engagement rings. This shape has a long history and can be associated with various things, from a cat lover to a cruise. Its symbolism can be varied, too, including the Victorian period and Art Deco patterns. These days, marquise cuts can be found in modern styles as well, including contemporary and vintage designs.

The diamond shape first gained fame in the eighteenth century when King Louis XV of France requested a cut that resembled the lips of his mistress. The cut has evolved since then, but its basic form remains the same. The Marquise Diamond was given a lower status than a duke's diamond, and was often worn by people of prestige. It is also known as a Navette, which means "small ship" in French. The shape is reminiscent of a boat, an eye, and American football.