How to Choose a Morganite Ring

How to Choose a Morganite Ring

Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something that's a little more budget-friendly, a Morganite ring is an excellent choice. Though a slightly more fragile gemstone than diamonds, Morganites are highly valuable. If you're planning to give a Morganite ring as a gift, here are some things to know about them. Let's start with the hardness of Morganite. It has a hardness rating of 7.5 to eight on the Mohs scale, which makes it a highly valuable gemstone.

 morganite ring is a statement piece

If you're looking for a stunning statement piece, consider a Morganite ring. This stone has become increasingly popular over the years, and is often set in rose gold, surrounded by diamonds or white topaz. Its deep pink color makes it the perfect stone for any occasion, from an evening dress to a ring. But the price tag may be quite high. Listed below are some tips on choosing the perfect ring.

For a statement-making ring, go for a peach morganite stone in a diamond halo. The halo will be surrounded by smaller diamonds, creating a scalloped edge. The ring's band will complete its feminine look. An emerald cut is another great choice for morganite rings. This classic shape will add a touch of elegance and style to any ring.


It is a great alternative to diamonds

While the sparkle of a diamond is unrivaled by anything on the market, Morganite is a good alternative to this precious stone. In comparison, the gemstone scores between seven and eight on the Mohs scale, making it an excellent alternative to diamond rings. While Morganite is softer than diamonds, it is surprisingly durable and can withstand direct impact. Additionally, unlike diamonds, it is inexpensive, and if well-maintained, a Morganite gemstone can last a lifetime.

While diamonds are prized for their color and brilliance, Morganite is less expensive. The color of Morganite is eye clear, which means that it does not show any flaws when mounted or worn. The stone is usually heat-treated to enhance its appearance. This process removes any orange or yellow tinges and leaves a more consistent and pure pink color. This process also allows for more affordable Morganite rings.


It is more vulnerable to chipping and breakage than a diamond

Although a Morganite ring is less hard than a diamond, it's more durable than a diamond ring. Morganite ranks in the middle of the Mohs scale of hardness. Anything harder will scratch it, while a diamond is ten. As such, it's important to be careful with your Morganite ring.

While morganite is less resistant to breakage than a diamond, it's not without problems. However, it's important to remember that this stone is less hard than diamonds, which is one of the main reasons why it's recommended for rings with delicate stones. Morganite, like diamonds, should be set in a setting that offers more protection. A bezel setting is the most secure option.


It is a rare gemstone

The pink beryl crystal found in Morganite is the only such gem in the world. Originally discovered in Madagascar, it is a variety of beryl that has powerful healing properties. These gems are said to inspire balance, peace, and calmness in their wearer. Additionally, they are believed to open the heart chakra. These are just a few of the benefits of this rare gemstone. So, if you're curious about its properties, read on to learn more about it.

Known as a rare gem, Morganite was discovered in Madagascar in 1910. It is a pink form of beryl, the same mineral that makes up emerald and aquamarine. It was named in honor of J.P. Morgan, a wealthy American banker and philanthropist who donated large gem collections to museums. Morganite was found by George F. Kunz, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co., a banker who was a patron of Tiffany & Co.


It is a statement piece

Set in 14K rose gold, this stunning statement ring features a cushion-cut morganite in the center and two Aquamarines on either side. The shimmering stones are balanced between each other for a look that is both feminine and bold. The ring is available in white or rose gold, and the sparkling center stone will make a bold yet feminine statement. There's no denying the timeless charm of this piece.

With its soft pink hue and serenity-inducing vibes, a Morganite ring will wow anyone. It has three destinations: the Caribbean, Mexico, and India. The ring is worth up to $6,500, and comes with a $100 JTV Brilliant cash bonus. If you're looking to impress your partner, a Morganite ring is the perfect choice.