How to Choose a Silver Pendant Necklace

How to Choose a Silver Pendant Necklace

A silver pendant necklace can be an impressive addition to your jewelry collection. Pendant necklaces can be made of different metals, including silver, gold, or platinum. There are many types of pendant necklaces, including Ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Renaissance, Baroque, and more. The chain plays a significant role in the look and feel of a pendant necklace. If you are a beginner, consider buying a silver pendant. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right chain. 

Ancient Egyptian pendants

Historically, the ancient Egyptians used silver as a medium of exchange in their trade. A silver pendant made from papyrus can be considered an excellent example. The papyrus itself is a relic from the ancient Egyptian world. It was used for various purposes, including religious ceremonies and memorials. Papyrus was also used as a medium for the creation of jewelry. Papyrus necklaces were made in the shape of symbols, such as a vulture with its wings outspread.

Etruscan pendants

A gorgeous necklace from the Etruscans combines ancient Italian craftsmanship and gold and silver. Etruscan silver pendants are elegant and detailed, featuring a crescent moon, scrollwork, and delicate border. A pendant is 99.9% pure silver on a woven sterling silver chain. The gold leaf-and-silver combination is highly polished and glistening. An Etruscan pendant would be a great gift for any occasion, and a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.

Renaissance pendants

The Renaissance style of jewelry strays from the strict realism of medieval art. Pendants depict Biblical scenes, and many feature the Sacred Monogram, IHS. Pendants also feature the bejeweled initials of the wearer. Very few of these pendants have survived to the present day, but they are certainly worth seeking out. These pendants are beautifully crafted and fit into any style. This article will provide information about these beautiful pieces.

Baroque pendants

Baroque silver pendants are an elegant way to wear your favorite pearl necklaces. The charms and details of baroque silver pendants are sure to catch everyone's attention. These pendants are also a popular choice for women who like to wear simple designs. In fact, some baroque silver pendants feature a single pearl dangling from the chain. For a stunning statement piece, choose a pendant with a single pearl that measures 10mm in height and ninemm in width.

Art Nouveau pendants

Art Nouveau pendants in sterling silver are a beautiful way to celebrate the period's art and artists. This style is distinguished by its elaborate designs that combine the natural world and fantasy world. Typical designs in this style include dragonflies, angels, and female forms. These designs are reminiscent of the work of the artist Alphonse Mucha, who lived from 1860 to 1939. These pendants are available in many different designs and are sure to be a conversation piece in your jewelry box. 

Modern sterling silver pendants

Modern sterling silver pendants are available in various styles and designs. You can find pendants in the style of the infinity cross, which represents endless love and eternity. These pendants are made of sterling silver and are decorated with hammered and domed ovals set with green chrysoprase and onyx. They are sold with necklace chains that can be purchased separately. For more information, visit our website.