How to Make Clay Earrings

How to Make Clay Earrings


Make a pair of clay earrings using this easy to learn tutorial. Here, we'll cover how to condition the clay before baking it, how to create holes in clay, and how to add jump rings to clay earrings. Once you've mastered these techniques, you can start making your own earrings today! The best part is that you can create a pair of earrings in under an hour! Just follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to wearing your new earrings in no time!


How to condition clay before baking

Before you bake your polymer clay earrings, it is important to condition them first. Super soft clay is notorious for leaving fingernail and fingerprint prints. It is also difficult to work neatly with cheap brands that come in 50-packs. To ensure that your earrings turn out as beautiful as possible, you should wipe down your tools with baby wipes and wash your hands between colors. It is also important to check for fingernail marks and dirt before baking, as it is easier to fix errors before baking.

If you are not a skilled craftsman, you can condition the clay yourself by gently warming it in your hands. Press the clay between your thumb and pointer finger to flatten it. You can also condition the clay by rolling it through a pasta machine on the thickest setting a few times, gradually reducing the thickness. You can also use an acrylic roller to roll out your clay, fold it and re-roll. When the clay is warm, it will be bendable and shiny.


How to make holes in clay

If you've been wondering how to make holes in clay earrings, here's how. You'll need to poke small holes in your pieces of clay to attach metal components like jump rings. To poke the holes, you can use a blunt tapestry needle, paperclip, or toothpick. Make sure that the holes are large enough to insert jump rings, and they should be close to the edges of your shapes.

Firstly, prepare the clay by rubbing the plastic wrap over the edges of your clay. If the clay is still wet, you can also use the plastic wrap to help you smoothen it out. This will prevent the clay from developing wrinkles from the plastic. This will also reduce the amount of sanding you have to do later. While it's tempting to use cling film, keep in mind that this will leave fingerprint marks on the clay.


How to bake clay earrings

If you're wondering how to bake clay earrings, then you're in the right place! While there are many ways to shape clay and bake them into earrings, this process has a few limitations. For starters, you need to make sure that you use the right materials. A clay cutter can make this process much simpler, but you'll still need to prepare the clay properly and a bit of elbow grease. A knife is a better choice, as it leaves clean edges.

After preparing the clay, you can begin molding them into shape. Choose the shape you want to make your earrings. It may be a ball, a teardrop, a ring, or a rectangle. A cookie cutter or craft cutter can be used to make them even more individualized. Once you've cut the clay, place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake it until the desired shape is reached.


How to add jump rings to clay earrings

Once you've created your clay earring shapes, the next step is to add jump rings. These can be threaded into any clay shape, including organic shapes, tassels, and hoops. If you want to add some extra flair to your clay earrings, you can also add shimmer powders and other materials to make them more beautiful. Here are some tips to add jump rings to your clay earrings:

To make the holes, you can use a plastic soda bottle top as the outer template. The inner circle is made with the end of a pencil. To make the holes in your clay pieces, cut the inner circle so that they fit snugly around the inner circle. Afterward, bake the clay pieces according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once baked, you're ready to add jump rings to your clay earrings.