How to Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Diamond Ring

How to Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Diamond Ring

If you're thinking of proposing to your sweetheart, consider one of the many ways to surprise her with an engagement ring. One of the most popular campaigns used the slogan "the diamond is forever" to position the diamond as the symbol of true love and eternity. The brand then expanded the campaign to include add-ons such as anniversary diamonds and various stone measures and pricing levels. It managed to build an emotional connection with shoppers.


David Yurman's sterling silver engagement ring

If you want to give your partner a unique and exquisite ring, consider a David Yurman engagement ring. The designer and sculptor is famous for his cable-inspired jewelry and impeccable craftsmanship. His rings are beautifully crafted and handcrafted with the finest materials. These dazzling pieces of jewelry will enhance any outfit and turn heads. You will be the envy of every woman who sees you in the diamond-studded ring.

Whether you're looking for a dazzling ring to enchant your fiance, or a simple, understated ring to complement her dress, David Yurman has a design that will meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a ring that exudes grace and refinement, David Yurman is sure to have a style that will match your style.


Ada Diamonds' BERRICLE engagement ring

For her engagement ring, Lindsay Reinsmith opted for an Ada Diamonds' BERRICLE ring. Despite its simplicity, the ring is full of unique features and hints of color. Its signature.95-carat diamond was created with a unique blend of red and green hues, and a band made of 18-karat white gold. The couple sourced their diamonds from growers from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. The jewelry is handcrafted in the U.S., and prices are generally 30 percent less than mined diamonds.

This engagement ring was made of 18-karat white gold and featured an uncut diamond that cost approximately $4,000, which is lower than the price of a mined diamond. According to Rapaport, a diamond would cost around $5,000 if it were cut and polished by Ada Diamonds. The ring was the most expensive engagement ring in the world, and it cost the owner more than twice as much as a mined diamond.


Lafonn's BERRICLE engagement ring

This sterling silver ring from Lafonn features a sparkling round cubic zirconia in the center, along with two smaller emerald-cut accent stones. Platinum-bonded sterling silver metal is the base material for this ring. The smaller stones are also simulated diamonds that have superior color, clarity and brilliance, rivaling the rare and expensive earth-mined variety.

The BERRICLE is made of the finest sterling silver and simulated diamonds for a stunningly beautiful piece of jewelry. Lafonn also offers a wide variety of customizable settings, making this ring the perfect fit for your future bride-to-be. And because it's crafted in-house, you can rest assured that it will never fade. Lafonn's BERRICLE engagement ring is sure to impress, and your bride-to-be will be thrilled with her new ring.


Ada Diamonds' Starchenie sterling silver engagement ring

An engagement ring made with a lab-grown diamond is truly one-of-a-kind. Made by a reputable jewelry fabrication house, Ada Diamonds' engagement rings are unique pieces of art. While a ring with a diamond is precious, it cannot scratch concrete floors, stainless steel rails, or a human's finger. That means that couples who intend to wear both their engagement ring and wedding band should consider purchasing a spacer band, which can reduce the interaction between the two rings.

Purchasing a ring from Ada Diamonds comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. Ada Diamonds' return policy does not include a 30-day window for wearing your purchase, and you must send the finished jewelry back in its original condition with all of the grading certificates intact. You cannot return a piece if you've worn it during the 30-day window. If you'd prefer to return the diamonds separately, you can send them back. However, you'll need to pay the return shipping fees, which start at $75 USD.


JTV's Fabulite strontium titanate jewel

If you want to make a silver diamond ring look more expensive, you can choose to use a jewel made from Fabulite Strontium Titanate instead. This jewelry has a Mohs hardness rating of five to five-and-a-half. It has a unique rainbow-like fire. While natural crystals of this mineral are very rare and are too small to turn into a gemstone, lab-created versions are a popular choice.

The 2.60ct round Lab Created Fabulite Strontium Titanate ring is eye-catching and distinctive. The diamonds in this jewel sparkle and are positioned at the sides of the star, giving it a powerful look. This ring is designed with an under-gallery pattern for a stunning appearance. Its high-quality craftsmanship and reasonable price will win you plenty of compliments.