Louis Vuitton Earrings

Louis Vuitton Earrings

If you're shopping for the perfect pair of earrings, consider Louis Vuitton. They've always created impressive goods, but recently, the brand has made a move and dropped its monogram earrings. Those monogram earphones look stupid. However, they still look pretty, as a detachable jewelry piece. These earrings come in a variety of different lengths and have dangling chains emblazoned with the LV logo.


Louise gold hoops

If you want to splurge on gold-toned earrings, the Louise gold hoops by Luis Vuitton are an excellent choice. With a 1.75-inch diameter, these studs are made from gold-toned metal. A bit of gold goes a long way, and a pair of these is a perfect accessory to add a little pizazz to your look.

Louise Olsen's 24-k gold-plated hoop earrings are made from 24k gold and are highly polished. These elegant hoop earrings look great with anything, from a favorite sweater and jeans to a new wrap dress. These studs measure 3/4 inches across, so they can be worn comfortably with just about any outfit. They can also be worn on their own for a more edgy look.


Louise monogram earphone earrings

If you're tired of looking at the same old earphones and want to add some jewelry to them, Louise stud earrings are just what you need. The gold monogram earphone earrings, priced at $350 USD, have Louise earphone detail details, like the LV Circles. Plus, the earphones come with a chain with matching LV circle pieces. These fun and flirty studs are the perfect accessory to add a playful touch to your everyday wear.

The Louise monogram earphone earrings feature gold chain pendants with dainty gold studs and LV Circles. The Louise earphone chain adds a polished jewelry effect to the gadgets. Gold chain pendants with rubber pieces give earphones a glamorous look. You can wear these earrings to compliment your earphones and look chic at the same time. However, if you aren't quite ready to spend that much money, there are cheaper options available.

As we know, Louis Vuitton has a history of producing impressive goods, but it dropped a bomb when it came to earphones. While it looks a bit ridiculous to wear earphones with your ears, these Louise monogram earphone earrings are still fabulous on their own. They can even be used without the headphones, which makes them a great detachable jewelry piece. Depending on the length of the earphones, you can wear them on your ears or as a necklace. A pair of these earphone earrings is not likely to be available