Skull rings have long been a symbol of danger, death, and piracy. During the Elizabethan Period, Death's Head Skull rings became popular, symbolizing the societal underworld. Today, these rings are still popular among gangs, gun clubs, and other groups. Nazis even used skull and crossbones rings as symbols. No matter what the meaning, skull and crossbones rings have a rich history, and they have long been popular among men and women around the world.



Founded in New York City by Marcos Miranda, LUGDUN ARTISANS is a premium brand that is known for its original handcrafted jewelry. The company has become known for its bold statements and quality pieces. Known to many celebrities, the company is dedicated to making unique pieces and bold statements. Their rings are crafted of genuine sterling silver and are available in US sizes 5 - 13.


LUGDUN ARTISANS' large yet commanding adjustable Plague Skull Ring

This sterling silver ring is a smaller cousin of the larger Plague Skull with Bone Ring. The Skull Ring is a big and bold ring for men and is inspired by the Black Plague, which struck Europe during the 1300s. It fits US sizes 10-13 and has a wide band, so it can feel tight when worn.


LUGDUN ARTISANS' adjustable Guardian Ring

Known for its adjustable and unique designs, LUGDUN ARTISANS' designs are ideal for any occasion. Made of sterling silver, these handcrafted pieces are versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of finger sizes and shapes. You will love them for their style and functionality, and they can even be worn on different occasions. You can also find a wide variety of other designs that can be used to complement your existing jewelry, such as a ring that can be slipped over your finger.


Badass Jewelry

A unique piece of biker jewelry, skull rings have become part of every biker's essential gear. Badass Jewelry has introduced a new style of skull ring that features sterling silver carvings and cubic zirconia accents. These skull rings are not only stylish but also add a bit of color to the wearer. You can find these rings at a discount at Badass Jewelry.

Whether you're looking for a unique accessory or a gift for your man, skull rings are a great way

to express yourself. Many celebrities wear skull rings and other badass jewelry, and you can get the same look for less! You can find unique badass jewelry online at sites like Etsy. These sites sell unique items and can even offer free shipping. The price range will depend on the stone and metal used.