Moon and Star Earrings

Moon and Star Earrings

The iconic night sky piece of crescent moon and star stud earrings is the perfect way to adorn your ears. Dreamy and beautiful, these earrings remind us of the possibility and light that are within us. Wear them on either ear or in the same one for the perfect pair of earrings. They also make great gifts. Whether you choose to wear them on one or both ears, you will find that they are a perfect choice for any occasion.


Luminous beading transforms precious metals into sculptural jewelry

The art of luminous beading has been around for centuries. For more than 50 years, Harper has been creating beautiful pieces for men and women. Her work ranges from paintings to jewelry, from small, delicate pendants to sculptural pieces. In addition to their aesthetic value, the pieces are also about the meaning behind them. For example, a self-portrait adorned with gold and enamel beads portrays Harper as the Archangel Michael. Another work, a gold and enamel necklace set, shows Harper's clever mash-up of the West African Ashanti culture and art.


Black diamonds are treated to create intense black color

Natural fancy black diamonds are mined from the earth with the same intense black color. Heat-treated black diamonds are different. These stones are not true black. Heat-treated black diamonds can be either green or black, but they are generally less expensive than natural fancy black diamonds. Fancy black diamonds are often used in moon and star earrings, but you should always make sure you are buying the right kind of diamond for your earring.

Natural diamonds can also be treated to create this intense color. An Austrian diamond cutter recut a black orlov stone in the 1950s. The largest black diamond was sold for $352,000 to a private collector in 2006. Black diamonds are extremely hard, but their mineral inclusions and internal fractures make them more brittle, making them prone to breakage and other damage. When purchasing black diamond earrings, be sure to choose a protective setting to prevent smudging. You should also avoid harsh steam cleaners.


Labradorite is a Victorian symbol of feminine spirituality

Labradorite is a gemstone with a long history of symbolic meaning. It is a plagioclase feldspar with a hardness of about six to 6.5 and a triclinic crystal structure, meaning that its axes cross at an oblique angle. The first record of this stone's discovery was in Canada in 1770 by Moravian missionaries. Since then, it has been found in Madagascar, Russia, and Mexico, among other places.

Labradorite is considered a powerful stone that can bring about many positive changes. Traditionally, the stone is used to enhance the ability to communicate with higher guides and angels. Wearing a piece of labradorite jewelry is said to increase your psychic abilities and open your mind to the world around you. It can also aid in resolving conflicts and enhancing your ability to communicate with angels and other celestial entities.