Screw Backings For Earrings

Screw Backings For Earrings

There are many types of earring backings, but one of the most secure is the screw back. Screw backs are comprised of a post with a threaded nut attached to it that is screwed onto it until it reaches the back of the ear lobe. Once on, the screw back cannot be removed unless it is completely unscrewed. The disadvantage to using a screw back is that it is time consuming to put on and remove, and may not be worth the effort if you aren't planning on wearing the earrings regularly. However, screw backs are great for very high-value earrings.


Lever backs

The versatility of lever backs for earrings makes them the perfect gift. These earrings are safe, comfortable, and versatile, which means you can wear them almost anywhere. When buying jewelry, comfort and safety come first. There are many different designs of lever backs for earrings to choose from, so you can find the perfect style to complement your unique personality. To learn more about the benefits of lever backs for earrings, read on! (And if you're still not convinced, watch this video!).


Screw backs

There are many different types of screw backings for earrings, including friction backs, leverbacks, and hinged backs. All of them have the same purpose: to hold your earring securely in place. There are several advantages to each type of backing. These include being more secure than friction backs, but still comfortable to wear. If you're not sure what type of backing to use, here are some tips to help you choose the right one.


La Pousette

These La Pousette earring backs are made of 14k White Gold and Yellow Gold and are used for many types of earrings. They have two tabs on each side of the earring post which snugly secure the connectors inside. To insert the earring, simply squeeze the tabs on either side, slide the earring post into the earring back, and release them to secure the back onto the stud.



Unlike most earring backs, Chrysmela earring backs will remain secure on your ears. The patented technology and micro ball bearings in these backs lock your earrings in place. With this technology, you can even wear earrings that weigh more than 17 pounds. They are also easy to put on and pop off. They are also hypoallergenic, and will not irritate your ears. Chrysmela's screw backings will fit any earring post.


Safety lock closures

Unlike the butterfly backs and the clip-ons, safety lock closures for screw backings for earrings feature a button that locks the earring's screw. Because of their secure fit, they're great for long or heavy earrings. These types of closures also have a higher level of security, since you have to push a button to unfasten the earring. Although they're considered more secure, they're not as safe as the other two options.