Spero Earrings Evoke a Bold Sicilian Flair

Spero Earrings Evoke a Bold Sicilian Flair

Spero, a Sicilian word, means "sisters" and this Italian designer's designs are meant to capture that bold aura. Their beautiful, intricate designs are fashioned from semi-precious silver and have earned famous fans, including Duchess Kate Middleton. The bold, ornate designs are accented with vibrant crystals. They're sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees them.


Handmade by Spero in Italy

Spero is a Sicilian word that means'sisters'. The British-Sicilian sisters who founded this jewellery line started by combining their love of jewellery with high-quality materials. Today, their designs are coveted by a wide array of celebrities, including Kate Middleton and Chiara Ferragni. The brand is also available in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

Made from a combination of sterling silver and 24 karat yellow gold vermeil, the Mondello Bracelet features Spero pearls in a simple design. The extender chain adds 4cm to the length of the necklace. This piece is understated yet stylish and looks stunning with matching earrings. If you are on the hunt for a statement piece, the PDPAOLA Diamond and White Gold Letter Necklace is a great option.


Baroque pearl gemstones set into multi facetted turquoise and opal Spero crystals

Spero jewellery includes earrings with a combination of genuine baroque pearls and turquoise Spero crystals. The pearl is June's birthstone and is associated with innocence and faith. It is also related to the moon and water, and is believed to bring balance to the emotions. Turquoise, meanwhile, is one of the oldest protection amulets and provides strength and peace.

Baroque pearls are nonconformists. These gemstones are often slightly off-round in shape, with irregular surfaces and dented surface areas. Despite their irregularity, they display a stunning luster and make stunning jewellery pieces. Baroque pearls have been prized in jewellery for centuries for their natural beauty and are more affordable than other types of pearls.


Turquoise and opal Spero crystals

Spero jewellery embodies the beauty and spirituality of the ancient Mediterranean. These opal and turquoise Spero crystal earrings are handmade in 18ct yellow gold vermeil. Their intricate designs are inspired by ancient Italian treasures and historical heirlooms. They are a great choice for summertime. The jewelry evokes a tasteful Sicilian flair.

Spero is a brand created by British-Sicilian sisters Marianna Doyle and Francesca Kelly. Spero, meaning sisters in Sicilian, has an exclusive following and makes jewellery inspired by the traditional jewelry worn by women from the region. Their jewellery is adorned with opals, turquoise, moonstones, and baroque pearls, each one having a unique meaning.