Spero Jewellery

Spero Jewellery

If you're looking for a stylish new piece of jewelry to wear during the celebrations of the Speros' Speroage, look no further than the wide selection of Spero jewellery. From big pendant earrings in beautiful colours to dainty gold bracelets and chunky chains, Spero jewellery is available in a range of styles and materials. From dainty gold rings to chunky silver chains, there's a Spero ring for every finger and a lovely watch to complete your look.


Made of zinc or brass

If you're looking for a modern, feminine, and eco-friendly style for your wedding or engagement ring, Spero is the brand for you. Their beautiful designs are made from high-quality, lead and nickel-free materials. Rather than gold, the company uses brass or zinc for their base metals. All stones and crystals are precious and grade A. Spero's story started in Arhus, Denmark, in the summer of 1983, when Annemette Markvad began to craft her handmade pieces. Today, her tradition continues in Montreal.


Plated with real gold or silver

Originally from Denmark, Spero Jewellery is a brand that sells handmade pieces plated with real gold and/or silver. Plating makes the pieces very durable. These pieces are crafted with great attention to detail and are made with brass fish hooks and real fresh water pearls. Each piece is unique and can be worn as a standalone piece or stacked with other pieces. Spero Jewellery is free of nickel, lead and other harmful substances.


Designed by Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen

Two Danish designers have joined forces to create their latest collection, Spero, a line of jewellery. Annemette Markvad is a flower child who founded Spero 20 years ago, while Thomas Adamsen collected jewellery from around the world while backpacking through Asia. He began selling these pieces at rock festivals when he returned home. The brand has received rave reviews, including from celebrities like Helen Christensen and Liv Tyler.


Inspired by ancient designs

Whether you want a chunky ring or a dainty necklace, you'll find the perfect piece of jewellery for any occasion with Spero jewelry. The delicate designs of Spero jewellery are versatile and easy to layer, so you can dress it up or down for any event. You'll find beautiful pieces in a variety of styles, with prices ranging from PS10 to PS100. They also look great on both men and women, and many pieces can be worn on different occasions, including a formal evening out or a day at the beach.



Made in Denmark

Handmade and nickel-free, Spero jewellery is a magical universe of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and sunglasses. A family business since 1983, Spero has created six unique collections to showcase its products. From delicate necklaces to bold rings, the company pays special attention to round ends. Each piece is handmade and features real fresh water pearls and brass fish hooks. Whether you prefer a delicate, simple look or something a bit more elaborate, Spero jewellery has a piece to match any outfit.