Styles and Styles of Moon Earrings

Styles and Styles of Moon Earrings

When it comes to the design of Moon earrings, there are many options to choose from. The popular Crescent Moon earrings are made by Ilias LaLaounis, while the Mamma Moon earrings are by Victoria Hayes. And, if you love a more contemporary take on the lunar look, you may want to check out the By the Light of the Moon earrings by Anne Sportun. In this article, we'll explore the various styles of Moon earrings and give some tips for selecting a pair.


Crescent Moon earrings by Ilias LaLaounis

The Crescent Moon earrings by Ilias Lalaounis are the epitome of classic Greek jewelry. The Greek jewelry maker was a fourth generation goldsmith. The hammered gold finish shows the maker's hallmark symbol, signature mark, and 750 gold purity mark. The clip-on pieces also show the engraved hallmarks. Ilias Lalaounis was born in Greece and established his company, Greek Gold - Ilias LaLaounis S.A., in 1969.


Mamma Moon earrings by Victoria Hayes

These Mamma Moon earrings by Victoria Haye are inspired by oceans and the sea. Using 3D printing technology, the seashells are made from industrial-grade resin and repeatedly dipped in pure silver. The necklace and earrings come in various sizes and can be worn alone or together. The necklace features a silver chain and the earrings come with matching seashell earrings. These are beautiful pieces for every occasion.


By the Light of the Moon earrings by Anne Sportun

These by the light of the moon earrings by Anne Sportun are exquisitely handcrafted in 14k gold with iridescent moonstone briolettes. This pair of earrings is a handmade exclusive. Each stone is unique and varies in color and size. Featured in the Wrap Collection, these earrings can be worn as a bracelet. The gold-plated chain and 18ky gold hex beads have a rich, tactile texture.


Mamma Moon by Victoria Hayes

These seashell earrings by Victoria Hayes are inspired by the ocean. Made of industrial-grade resin, they are repeated-dipped in pure silver. The design features a beautiful pendant surrounded by seashells. The earrings are finished with sterling silver settings. Approximately 22 inches long, these earrings pair perfectly with a matching necklace. If you're in the market for new earrings, look no further than Victoria Hayes.