Stylish Earrings With Crystals

Stylish Earrings With Crystals

If you're looking for stylish earrings with crystals, then you've come to the right place. There are so many styles and designs to choose from. Here are some of the best styles: elegant leaf earrings, Cosmic balance, and Amethyst stone earrings. You can also try Cosmic balance earrings with tourmaline. These are a great way to add sartorial sexiness to your look.


Amethyst stone earrings with crystals

These exquisite drop earrings feature double-pointed Amethyst crystals in a sterling silver prong setting. They are approximately 2.75 inches long. These dangle earrings are made with Sterling Silver and measure just under one inch across. They are lightweight and comfortable. You'll love their beautiful sparkle, which you can see on their Instagram page. Amethyst is a highly-prized crystal and has many benefits for overall health.

This purple gemstone lends a glimmering violet hue to any piece of jewelry. It is especially striking in earrings, which are one of the best places to showcase its stunning color. You can choose an earring design that incorporates this gemstone with other stones and crystals, or simply wear it on its own. Regardless of what your personal style is, this classic stone will never go out of style.


Amethyst stone earrings with tourmaline

Amethyst stone earrings with a tourmaline accent dangle from a Sterling Silver chain. Each earring has a main amethyst stone of over a quarter inch in length. The other gemstones are pear and teardrop shaped, and are faceted. The earrings have friction backs for security. The gemstones may have been heat-treated to enhance their color and may be electroplated. This finish may fade or wear off with frequent use.

Amethyst stone earrings with a tourmaline accent are a stunning way to accessorize your outfit with gemstone jewelry. These drop earrings feature amethyst stones of approximately 2 inches long, topped with a tourmaline stone or peach moonstone. Copper metal is used for these earrings. These earrings are available in both sterling silver and 14k gold filled options.


Cosmic balance earrings with kyanite and tourmaline

Wearing a pair of Cosmic balance earrings with kyalite and tourmaline can help you achieve the ultimate balance of the universe. Tourmaline and kyanite both attract abundance, love, compassion, and tolerance. These two stones balance the right and left side of the brain and help overcome challenges such as dyslexia and poor hand-eye coordination. These stones also cleanse the energy field and heal emotional wounds.


Elegant leaf earrings with kyanite and tourmaline

These elegant, leaf-shaped earrings feature an 18k gold setting, with 18k Gold Bezels. Tourmaline cabochons are translucent and exhibit several shades of pink and peach. In the setting of 18k Gold, rose cut diamonds provide a touch of glitz and sparkle. The earrings are finished with French Earwires. These earrings will complement any outfit and are sure to turn heads!