The Classic Bell Shape of Jhumka Earrings

The Classic Bell Shape of Jhumka Earrings

A classic earring, jhumka earrings are made of silver and contrasting shades. They are a stunning statement piece that can be paired with a variety of looks, whether they are traditional or contemporary. And while they were first created in South India, they have since spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and Europe. Continue reading to find out more about this beautiful style. And remember that the bell shape of jhumka earrings makes them light and airy compared to their counterparts.


jhumka earrings are made of silver

If you are looking for beautiful earrings that can complement your ethnic attire, look no further than jhumka earrings. Often made of silver, jhumka earrings can be an inexpensive way to add style to your ensemble. You can also find terracotta jhumkas, which are made of earthen-baked clay. These lightweight earrings come in a wide variety of designs. Some are inspired by nature, while others are suitable for both traditional Indian attire and regular western wear. Kashmiri jhumkas are typically studded with precious stones and pearls, while others are made of silver.


They are made of contrasting shades

These earrings have a unique design, imitating the movement of the head and neck. They date back to the Chola era and were featured in temple motifs and dance presentations. They also played an important role in the dancers' makeup. The uniqueness of jhumka earrings makes them superior to other types of earrings. They can be customized to match any outfit and look. The different styles and shapes of jhumka earrings are a great way to find the perfect pair for your outfit.


They are a statement piece

Traditionally worn in the Indian subcontinent, jhumka earrings are a classic and timeless accessory that adds an extra touch to any outfit. The unique bell-shaped design has been used for centuries, and has evolved to suit the demands of today's fashion conscious women. Choose large diamond jhumkas for the Mughal court, or opt for smaller gold versions for everyday wear. Either way, jhumkas will add a stunning touch to your outfit and enhance your beauty.


They can be worn with traditional or contemporary looks

While jhumkas have been around for thousands of years, they are still a popular choice today. The jhumka design has evolved throughout the centuries to add extra oomph to both traditional and contemporary looks. The earring is named after the onomatopoeic sound of the word, which refers to the bowl or suspended beads that form the shape. In fact, jhumka earrings have been associated with dance since ancient times and have featured in temple motifs and dance presentations. The jhumka is also associated with the Bharatnatyam dance form, where a pair of jhumka earrings adds mystery to the dancer's look.


They are a bride's favourite

Jhumka earrings are the classic and timeless choice for a wedding day. A conical shape is the signature design of this popular type of earrings, and they are adorned with gold and pearls. The most common type of earring worn in India, jhumka earrings come in many different designs and styles. Polki-embedded jhumkas are perfect for a wedding outfit, while Crystal Jhumkis and Hoop earrings are suitable for evening wear.


They are made of precious stones

This pair of jhumka earrings is set in white gold and features a string of baguettes. The pair evokes the beauty of a mutually cut diamond piece. The earrings are set with sapphire jhalars and will match a diamond and spinel choker. They are made in a bespoke way and are not returnable. Hence, they are the most expensive earrings you can wear in a traditional Indian ceremony.


They are skin friendly

Apart from being skin-friendly, jhumkas are also highly attractive and personal. There are terracotta jhumkas, which are handmade earrings that feature designs inspired by nature. These are generally shaped like flowers, animals, or even tribal gods. Kashmiri jhumkas are the epitome of elegance. They are accompanied by a chain and are adorned with beautiful stones and pearls.