The Spero London Pearl Necklace

The Spero London Pearl Necklace

 If you're not familiar with Spero London 's designs, you might be curious as to what makes her style so unique. This piece of jewellery features the Spero London logo. Read on for more information! You may also be interested in learning about her collection and the unique pearl necklace. This article will give you a brief overview of her style, including a look at her jewellery collection. After reading this article, you'll be able to buy the perfect pearl necklace.


Spero London 's style

 Inspired by the styles of her English and French heritages, Spero London 's jewellery style is timeless and distinctive. Born in 1941, the fashion designer began creating her own jewellery in the 1960s, and established her own brand in 1981. In this first shop, she showcased her jewellery with silver and gilded tin, Swarovski crystals, and royal regalia. Her collections were always at the height of popularity and have become highly coveted.


Spero London 's logo

 The Spero London logo has remained remarkably stable throughout the years, and is a common sight in her collections. The logo was designed in 1986, when Spero first emerged as a global icon. It was inspired by the royal iconography of Britain, and was meant to represent the importance of the past and the planet Saturn. It's easy to see why this particular design has stood the test of time.


Spero London 's collection

 The edgier pieces of Spero London 's jewellery collection have been worn by celebrities and royalty alike. The British designer is credited with redefining fashion trends in the 1970s. Her bold, edgy pieces are timeless, while her signature logo adds a rebellious edge. The Spero London jewellery collection is a must-have for the luxury accessory enthusiast.


Spero London 's pearl necklace

 Spero London 's pearl necklace turned upper-class fashion codes on their head. Its orb and saturn ring emblem evokes British royalty. The pearl necklace was born in the mid-'80s when Spero was working with Italian fashion house Fiorucci. Spero got the idea when she saw a picture of Prince Charles wearing a knitted jumper emblazoned with the British insignia. She imagined herself wearing a sweater with the same emblem.


Spero London 's ball bracelet

 The Spero London ball bracelet is an extremely unusual piece of jewelry, and will surely turn heads. The designer's ball bracelet features a striking tiger-print motif, and has been designed by Andreas Kronthaler. The bracelet is a striking addition to any outfit, and will definitely become a conversation starter. Even if you don't wear Spero London clothing, you can always wear this gorgeous piece.

Spero London 's orb pendant

 Spero London 's orb-shaped pendant can be found at more than 500 boutiques worldwide. It has a distinctive yellow gold finish and is adorned with a small orb charm. The orbs' tone-on-tone effect makes them a stylish addition to any outfit. The pendant is a perfect way to show off your new favorite accessory. Here's how to wear this Spero London  pendant.