The Symbolism of Snake Rings

The Symbolism of Snake Rings

If you want to express your love for your significant other with a beautiful ring, you might consider a snake ring. A snake ring represents a never-ending love between two people. A snake ring also symbolizes the never-ending cycle of time, since snakes eat their own tail, while time devours everything in its path. Snake rings can have a lot of meanings. Listed below are a few.


Art Nouveau

The delicate hand engraving and colorful gemstones in an Art Nouveau snake ring create a dazzling piece of jewelry. The serpent's head features a half carat cushion cut natural blue sapphire. The serpent ring's shank is made of solid 18k yellow gold and features a fancy yellow colored diamond in its jaw. This piece is sure to turn heads and spark conversations. The timeless beauty of this ring makes it the perfect gift for any snake lover.

Victorian-era snake rings were often adorned with diamonds and rubies. During this period, snake rings were a popular way to show off a woman's taste in jewelry. Many Victorians wore snake-shaped rings to complement other Victorian-style pieces. The Victorians were also influenced by Greek and Roman treasures and replicated many details of the visual culture of those times. They embodied these themes with beautiful snake rings.


Art Deco

Whether you're looking for an antique or modern version, you can find some amazing vintage Art Deco snake rings at 1stDibs. These vintage rings often feature 14k Gold, and are hand-engraved with the snake's scales. Each piece features a 0.15-carat diamond set in the head, and are a beautiful example of the Egyptian Revival design. Art Deco snake rings are classic and timeless pieces of jewelry that have stood the test of time.

Victorian snake rings resembled serpent-style jewelry, and they often feature intricate hand-engraving. In some cases, they feature gemstones in the head and sparkle with diamonds along the band. Victorian artists took inspiration from the treasures of Ancient Greece and Rome, and their designs reproduced many details of the visual culture of these civilizations. Art Deco snake rings, however, were particularly beautiful and desirable for their unique design.


Ancient Egyptian

The symbolism behind Ancient Egyptian snake rings is quite fascinating. In the ancient world, the snake was feared and revered. Some cultures even considered snakes to be immortal and the best way to rebirth yourself after a long, hard life was to kiss a snake. As you can see, the snake symbol has a long and fascinating history. Ancient peoples have adorned their bodies with various types of snake jewelry, including snake rings, for centuries.

The ancient Egyptians often used the ouroboros to signify eternal life and rebirth. The symbol was also regarded as a protective force, and even worshipped in some ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians used the serpent as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, and it continued to be a popular choice for jewelry during the Georgian and Victorian periods. The discovery of the Tutankhamen tomb in 1897 sparked an interest in snake rings.



Snakes and their imagery have long been a popular theme for Victorian jewelry. They symbolize fertility, immortality, and regeneration. Victorian snake rings incorporate these symbols in their designs, which often feature diamonds and sapphires for the snake's eyes. The style is recognizable as a Victorian accessory, yet it is possible to wear a snake ring everyday. Here are some examples of Victorian snake rings. Let's take a closer look.

The engagement ring Queen Victoria wore during her engagement was usually depicted as a single coiled snake. However, it may have contained two serpents, as was the case with other Victorian snake rings. Victorian gold snake rings are usually adorned with gems to highlight the head and eyes. Some rings are made of three snakes, one of which has a head, tail, and eyes.

Victorian snake rings and serpent brooches were often designed with beautiful coils, often with a figure-eight-like infinity symbol in the center. Victorian snake rings and serpent brooches can serve as a daily reminder of the sexy beauty and strength of a woman's femininity. Victorian snake rings are also an enduring symbol of love, life, and transformation.


Meanings of snake rings

Snake rings have significant meaning. They have many lucky and protective qualities. They have a long history and are best worn with pride. Different snake rings have different meanings, depending on the finger on which they are worn. Here are some common meanings:

A snake ring may have different meanings in different cultures, depending on their lore and history. In ancient Greece, snake rings were used to honor the god Asclepius. The god of healing was often depicted wearing a snake ring. This symbol was used for centuries in Greek and Roman mythology. In some cultures, snake rings symbolized fertility. A snake ring may have special meanings for you.