Trendy Earrings For Boys

Trendy Earrings For Boys

Boys are often more interested in fashion than the trend of wearing ear rings. But boys can also enjoy wearing earrings. In addition to traditional ones, you can find trendy earrings for boys in today's market. Here are some styles you might consider. Listed below are Barbell, Sleeper, and Hoop earrings. Read on to learn more. The perfect pair of boys' earrings is the one that is both trendy and functional. And don't forget to add a pair of studs for extra flair.


Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings for boys can be a trendy way to show off your masculine style, and they're a good choice if you're looking for a unique way to show your style. Often made of metal, hoop earrings for boys can be large enough to stand out but small enough not to be noticeable. They're a perfect choice for everyday wear, and you'll be able to find a pair in just about any style and color.


Barbell earrings

When it comes to boys' piercing jewelry, Barbell earrings can be a fun choice. This style dates back to the 1970s in the USA, but it still has a punk rock feel. These earrings sit on top of a boy's ear and are usually made with two balls and two holes. Often, they're shaped like a triangle, cylinder, or cone. Straight barbells are another popular style, as they're simple and versatile. Boys can wear them in a variety of piercings, including cartilage, tongue, and nipple piercings.


Sleeper earrings

A popular style of boy's earring, sleeper earrings come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Typically, sleeper earrings have an internal diameter of 10mm and are made of surgical stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic, hypo-allergenic, and have a nickel-free and lead-free finish. They are also made of high-quality metal, making them flexible and aesthetically pleasing. They also don't rust, flake, or otherwise affect a child's skin.


Tunnel earlobe piercing

A boy's earlobes can be pierced using a tunnel style. Traditionally, this style is done at a tattoo parlor or a body modification shop. A man from Hawaii even held a Guinness World Record for the longest tunnel earlobe, which is 4 inches long and wide enough to stick a hand through.

Tunnel earlobe piercings are not as permanent as other piercings, and the healing process is typically quick. The only thing that may happen is a scar if the piercing is not repaired properly.


One of the most popular styles of boys' clip-on earrings is the ear cuff. They are designed to fit easily on the earlobe and are adjustable for different ear sizes. They are lightweight and comfortable and stay on the ear without slipping or pulling. This versatile style can be worn with any type of earring style. You can find a variety of designs and colors. Boys' clip-on earrings can be found in a variety of styles, including dainty studs, classic hoop earrings, and even acoustic guitar studs.