Types of Backs For Screw on Earrings

Types of Backs For Screw on Earrings

Screw on earrings have two types of backs: friction and spring loaded.Both of these types have indentation to prevent earrings from falling off the post. In order to open these backs, you must squeeze the ends together. Once they have been opened, you may remove them by pulling over the post. This type of back is the most common, and most comfortable for most people to wear. It is also the cheapest and easiest way to secure screw on earrings.


Rubber earring backs

You can choose from two types of screw backs - friction and screw. The friction type is similar to friction-backed earrings - it requires twisting to secure and can be irritating to fasten at the last minute. The screw back is more secure, but it is time-consuming to put on and remove, so you should consider using this type if your earrings are expensive or have sentimental value. Rubber backs are another type of screw back.


Friction earring backs

The most common style of earring back is called a friction back. Also known as push backs or butterfly backs, they attach to the earring post with friction. They feature two curled edges and a safety notch to prevent slippage. They also tend to last longer than lighter metal backings. However, they can be difficult to wear due to their inability to withstand constant wear. Friction backs can also fall out, which is why you should wear them only with the earring's post.


Sterling silver earring backs

Screw-on earrings are commonly found with sterling silver backs. These backs help to keep the earrings in place, but they are not as durable as other types of metals. Sterling silver is a soft metal, and therefore, is prone to tarnishing. That's why many inexpensive pieces of jewelry are made with silver as a main component. A good alternative to sterling silver backs is to use a rubber back.


Clip-on backs

Screw on earrings are popular in many cultures. Screw backs are easy to adjust and offer security and comfort for the wearer. They are often used on more expensive varieties of earrings. In fact, they are so popular that they are often used on children's earring sets. Screw on earrings also have a more secure fit than scroll and butterfly backs, which can slip out of earring posts. These earrings feature a screwed back that runs around the entire post. This screw back is sometimes called an ear nut or a clutch, and they are also less likely to fall out.


Safety lock closures

The safety lock closure on screw on earrings is a good option for a secure fit. These are great for long and heavy earrings, and they can hold up to more pressure than a traditional earring would. Unlike a butterfly earring, a safety lock closure requires pushing a button to remove the earring. If you have a child, a safety lock closure is a good option for them.