Types of Jewellery For Your Nipple Piercing

Types of Jewellery For Your Nipple Piercing

The type of jewellery that you choose after your nipple piercing is crucial in maintaining the shape and size of the nipples. This article will explain what types of jewellery you can choose, such as Straight barbells, CBRs, and dangles. Then you can buy them at your local tattoo parlour or online. The piercer will recommend the jewellery that will best compliment your new nipple piercing and will also tell you what type of jewellery you should avoid.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel jewellery for nose piercers comes in two basic designs. Those with a straight cone at the end are commonly known as labret studs, while those with a curved bottom are known as bar closure rings. The latter is much easier to insert and remove, and is also more affordable. Stainless steel nose rings are generally priced per piece. However, there are some things to consider before purchasing one.



Circle barbell rings, or CBRs, are one of the most common types of jewelry used for nipple piercement. You can even purchase gemstone or diamond versions. These are popular pieces because they are comfortable and look good. Captives are another common piece of jewelry that you can use for your piercing. They are made up of a hoop and ball that are easily inserted.


Straight barbells

A straight barbell is an excellent choice for nipple piercement. The straight barbell's straight, internal threading ensures that it is smoother than its counterpart. In addition, the post that holds the barbell is never exposed to the nipple, which is very sensitive. Whether you're a man or a woman, straight barbells make excellent everyday nipple jewelry, too.


CBRs with dangles

If you're looking for a unique piece of body jewelry for your piercing, look no further than CBRs with dangles for your nose ring. CBRs with dangles are often made of high-quality metal, and are easy to flip inside the nose to keep it hidden while your septum heals. Just be sure to leave a month between stretchings. It's a good idea not to stretch the piercing more than necessary, as this can cause discomfort.



If you've recently had a nose piercing, you'll probably have heard about threading. But what is threading, and why is it important? And how does it differ from the external pattern? Body Candy explains the differences between the two, including which types of thread are most suitable for certain piercings. It also explains what type of jewellery to buy for each piercing, including tips for choosing the right one.