What is a Keeper Ring?

What is a Keeper Ring?

The keeper ring is a gold ring with a head made of braided gold wire work and two rows of gold pommels. It was used to keep the engagement ring in place when it wasn't worn with a glove. The keeper ring was exchanged one year before the engagement and served as the betrothal ring. Typically, these rings were made of 18- karat gold.

Onyx ring

Onyx keeper rings are a beautiful choice to add to your jewelry collection. Similar to signet rings, these rings feature a black onyx stone. The smooth surface of the stone is an ideal complement to any outfit, particularly for women. Onyx rings are suitable for both men and women. Many designers offer these pieces in a variety of designs and styles, from simple and feminine to funky and bold.

Another popular choice for this style is an antique keeper ring in yellow gold. Its heart-shaped face and stylized script make it an elegant choice. The ring's gold content makes it a versatile choice for both men and women. These rings are worn as a keeper ring to help keep other rings secure on the finger, and are traditional gifts for betrothed couples and engagements. They can be obtained in various ways: by crafting, as random loot in chests, from enemies, and through quests.


Hematite ring

Hematite keeper rings are great for a wide variety of reasons. The stone is naturally attractive and inexpensive, but its brittleness can cause them to crack or break. They should only be purchased from reputable dealers. Besides their beauty, hematite is also considered to be a grounding stone, promoting balance and healing while protecting the wearer from negative energies. However, hematite rings should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes.

The keeper ring made from hematite has many healing properties. When worn on the left hand, it connects to the upper chakras, including the crown. It also resonates with the root chakra, which is the base of all stability. Thus, it helps you stabilize your mind and body. Wearing a ring made of hematite is a great way to increase the energy in your life.


Claddagh ring

The traditional place to wear a Claddagh ring is on the right hand, with the heart pointing away from the body. Wearing a Claddagh ring reflects a strong, loyal friendship. While this ring is often worn as an engagement ring, men can also wear one as a friendship keeper ring. The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty.

The origin of the Claddagh keeper ring can be traced to the time when a prince fell in love with a commoner. He wanted to convince the girl's father that he loved her. He proposed with a ring with symbols representing love, friendship, and loyalty. His father gave his blessing to the couple, and the ring was the result of his efforts. The ring became an iconic symbol of their love and remained in use for centuries.


Silver keeper ring

A sterling silver keeper ring is a unique way to store an engagement ring. It has a heart-shaped design with a single opening at the top and twin, closed rings on the other side. They can be worn on a cord or chain and keep the ring securely in place. The Sterling Silver Keeper Ring is a classic gift that will never go out of style. Here are a few reasons to get one today.

A keeper ring is an inexpensive way to store a more expensive ring. These rings were once worn as a protective ring for an expensive ring. The tradition was revived during the nineteenth century when a ring was worn to protect a diamond ring. The keeper ring represents the enduring bond between two people, as it represents a person's journey through life. The ring is a great way to keep a friend close and protected, especially for a longer period of time.