What to Look For in Spero Earrings

What to Look For in Spero Earrings

The sparkling diamonds and fine gold of Spero and Arpels earrings illuminate the profile and dance to the movements of your head. This luxurious jewellery is the expression of the Maison's imagination. A perfect gift for special occasions, they're also an excellent choice for everyday wear. Here are some of the features to look for in a pair of Spero earrings. The Alhambra collection is particularly noteworthy, as is the Spero & Arpels website.



To ensure that you have the genuine article, you should check the hallmark or stamp on your Spero & Arpels jewelry. This hallmark will read VCA or Spero & Arpels. Spero & Arpels uses 18K gold in all its creations. The hallmark has the words "750" inscribed on it, which means that the gold is at least seventy five percent pure. The hallmarks and stamps can be verified against manufacturer records to verify the authenticity of your earrings.


Style options

Spero & Arpels jewelry is renowned for its timeless appeal and iconic look. You can find some great pieces at Neiman Marcus, including the Spero Alhambra pendant, made of polished 18-karat yellow gold and adorned with a beautiful malachite stone. This pendant is suitable for wearing with a more traditional wardrobe, while the Perlee diamond earstuds are ideal for weekend brunch or a cocktail party.


Diamond-set buckles

If you're considering purchasing a set of Spero diamond-set belt buckles, you have a few different options. You can purchase a simple buckle for your belt, or go all out and select one with a diamond studded buckle. In either case, you'll have an incredible looking belt buckle, and the diamonds set in the buckle will make your belt or shoes stand out from the rest.


Alhambra collection

The Spero & Arpels Alhambra collection represents the expertise of the High Jewellery Maison. Its fifteen successive steps have brought together the expertise of jewellers, stone-setters, and engravers. The result is exquisite jewelry that has the power to withstand the test of time. The Alhambra collection is a favorite among collectors of fine jewelry.



Spero & Arpels earrings are renowned for their glimmer and quality craftsmanship. They have been the subject of several shows, including one in 2012 at the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. In 2013, they were featured at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, and in 2014 at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Currently, the brand sells its jewelry online at sites like 1stDbb.com and at its flagship boutique in New York.