What to Wear With Chain Earrings

What to Wear With Chain Earrings

You've probably noticed that the latest trend in women's jewelry is chain earrings. If so, you've come to the right place. Learn more about this versatile statement accessory and why they're a perfect gift to give to friends and loved ones. Keep reading to find out how to pair your own pair with a variety of jewelry styles and looks. Plus, find out what to wear with your chain earrings so that you can make a stylish fashion statement while still remaining on-trend.


Chain earrings are a trendiest accessory for women

Gold hoops are the staple of a woman's jewelry box. These studs look chic and effortless with every outfit. This season, opt for statement designs with twists, chain embellishments, and added logos. Gold hoops can go with everything from jeans to a mini dress. You can easily change the design to match your outfit to add instant pizazz to your look. This season, consider gold hoops to add a hint of elegance to your look.


They can be worn with a variety of jewelry

Chain earrings are simple ear ornaments with a chain attached. The length of these earrings varies from almost shoulder length to just below the ear. Evening wear chain earrings tend to be longer and use multiple chains while daytime chain earrings are usually just one length. Chain earrings can be worn with a drop stud, a hook, a hoop, or any other interesting metal plate. Chain earrings also look elegant when worn with a traditional outfit and can be used as a finishing touch.


They are a great gift for loved ones

You can give chain earrings as a gift to anyone you know, from your mother to your best friend. This item can be fashioned in the shape of the person's favorite animal or pastime, or you can even match it to their eye color. The earrings should compliment the face shape of the person who is receiving them, so avoid giving a gift that is circular. Oval-shaped people should go for long earrings.


They are a statement accessory

Statement jewelry is the perfect way to make a fashion statement and make the whole outfit pop. Whether you're wearing an interesting necklace, a stacked bracelet or a single necklace, statement pieces will draw attention to whichever area of the face they are placed on. Historically, people have worn statement jewelry in rituals and ceremonies as a way to express their personality. Today, we still use statement accessories to make a fashion statement, and there are so many ways to wear them.


They flatter any face shape

If you have an oval face, then your jewelry options are virtually endless. This face shape has a soft jaw and wide cheekbones, and it's the easiest to dress. Almost any earring style will look great on an oval face. Avoid earrings with too much drop, such as dangling or teardrops, which will stretch the shape. Instead, choose hoops, studs, or small drops.