Why You Need a Nike Ring

Why You Need a Nike Ring

If you're a Nike fan, you absolutely need a Nike ring. If you're looking for a way to show your support while at the same time looking great, this ring is a must-have. It looks even more amazing in person! In fact, it will definitely turn heads if you're wearing it out on the town. You'll certainly be the envy of all your friends and coworkers.


925 sterling silver

The 925 hallmark on your Nike ring signifies that the ring is made of high-quality silver. One thousand units of silver are considered pure silver. However, pure silver is soft and difficult to work with, so only few pieces of jewelry are made entirely of this metal. Most other pieces are made of silver mixed with other alloys, and the 925 mark indicates that the ring has been manufactured with this special alloy.

You can test your ring by dipping it in nitric acid. While nitric acid has no effect on real 925 silver, a fake one will turn green or milky white. Moreover, a genuine ring should not smell. If it does, it's probably not sterling silver and has too much copper in it. To be sure, take a ring to a jeweler who can conduct the test for you.

The value of a sterling silver ring is high due to its durability and beauty. The cost of a sterling silver ring increases with additional details and gems. For example, a simple 925 ring may cost less than $1, while a more intricate ring can cost you anywhere from $15 to more than a $1,150. In addition to that, a Nike ring made of 925 sterling silver has a higher value than gold, which is the second most common metal used in jewelry.