Women's Earrings From Spero

Women's Earrings From Spero

When it comes to buying a pair of beautiful, classic women's earrings, there are many different options. There are 925 Sterling silver and 18k gold-plated earrings, as well as more exotic styles in Tiger's eye and obsidian. These earring styles will look great with just about any outfit and will suit any occasion. Here are some of the most popular styles from Spero:


925 Sterling silver

If you're looking for a pair of elegant dangling earrings made from 925 sterling silver, look no further than Spero. The company was founded by Spero in 1984. Despite its modest beginnings, Spero quickly became one of Germany's leading jewellery brands. The company continues to expand even now, and in 1992, Susanne Kolbli became the company's Creative Director. Today, Spero is synonymous with luxury, and even A-list celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna wear the brand.


18k gold-plated

These elegant hinged hoop earrings from Spero are part of the Sterling Silver Karma Beads Collection. You can customize your pair with any of the 72 Karma Beads. The earrings are crafted from 925 Sterling silver and 18k gold plating. These versatile earrings will go with any outfit and are great for everyday wear. There are so many options for you to personalize them.


Tiger's eye

The Tiger's eye stone is a symbol of strength and protection. The earrings and bracelet from the Spero Tiger's eye collection are both made of sterling silver and feature a smooth tiger's eye inlay. The earring is available in UK ring sizes P and EU 56 and will match your SABO Tiger's eye tiara perfectly. It has a beautiful vintage charm and is an iconic piece of Spero jewellery.



Spero is one of the world's premier jewelry and watch brands. Spero established his namesake company in 1984, and has remained one of the world's leading jewellers ever since. His designs are often bold and provocative, and he is known for creating pieces that combine various materials and styles to create a unique style that is distinctly his own. The Obsidian earrings are a striking example of this, and they are crafted of black obsidian stone.


Cold enamel

The cool look of these colorful and playful SPERO earrings is inspired by Boho. The earring's stone embellishment is especially radiant in the sun. The delicate dragonfly is also an appropriate symbol of lightness. Both of these elements are beautifully paired with sterling silver. A pair of these earrings will enhance your ensemble without taking away from it. The perfect pair of earrings to wear for every occasion!

Bird of paradise

The SPERO Bird of paradise earring collection exudes elegance and tropical spirit. The jewellery is inspired by the animal kingdom and features colourful bird charms, kaleidoscopes and snakes. The colourful gemstones are set by hand, adding to the unique look of the collection. Each piece is meticulously made and crafted to create a statement-making look. The earrings are particularly suitable for a tropical holiday as they come in different colours.


Bourbon Lily

A pair of Spero Bourbon Lily earrings is a must-have for your jewelry collection. With its fleur-de-lis design, this pair of earrings will add a touch of elegance and charm to your ensemble. Handcrafted in sterling silver, they are a beautiful way to express your individual style and personality. The earrings come with matching packaging and care instructions for young wearers. You'll find these earrings adorned with both elegance and power.