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When it comes to earring backings, there are a few types of closures. Push backs, sometimes called butterfly backs, have a single metal post that slides into the earring post.
Some push backs have a screw back, and others have a rubber backing. Earrings with push backs are generally the least expensive, but they are not as secure. Here are the types of backings you should know about.

Hoops earring styles have been around since ancient times. They come in many different styles and materials, from simple metal to sparkling diamonds. You can wear hoop earrings discreetly or in the open for a more dramatic look. There are also different backing styles and placements for these earrings, too, so you can find just the right style for your taste and budget. For a dramatic look, try multi-gemstone studs or earrings with diamonds.

Choose the shape of your earring according to your face shape. If you have a heart or square face, choose earrings with an elongated shape to accentuate your cheekbones. If you have a round face, opt for long-dangle or drop-style earrings. Narrow face shapes can benefit from big oval or hoops-shaped earrings. But no matter which shape you have, you should choose earrings that complement your skin tone and make your face look softer.

Another type of earring is the non-pierced one. They don't require any piercings and are made to slip over the earlobe. Ear cuffs can be simple or decorated with dangles. They are almost always sold as singles, and look great on women with short hair. But, ear cuffs are easily lost because of their loose fit.