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From chains and chokers to pendants, find your perfect silver necklaces. Layer up or keep it simple; check our delicately handcrafted sterling silver necklace collection. Elevate your look with layering!

Women’s silver jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes and at Spero London. Change the look of your necklaces by adding an adjustable extension to your order and use your necklaces with more than one length. Completely uniquely designed 925 sterling silver Spero London pieces will elevate your look.

From Italy with love, most of the silver necklaces of Spero London is created with unique craftsmen in Italy. Shop our collection of designer jewellery and find the perfect silver necklace!

All Necklaces - Find The Perfect Necklace For Any Occasion

If you're looking for the perfect necklace for any occasion, consider an All Necklaces design. Whether you choose a strand of pearls or two-strands of gold or silver, this versatile necklace will elevate your outfit. Pearl necklaces are perfect for all occasions and will get you lots of compliments! Here are a few design ideas to get you started. This necklace features a single pearl and other gems. You can also wear it as a bib necklace or a double-strand design.

One type of clasp is the barrel clasp, which is made of two separate metal pieces that screw together. The hook fits into the circle, securing the necklace. Another style of clasp is the lobster clasp, which opens a latch and allows the chain to pass through. Finally, the spring ring clasp is also a popular choice for necklaces. However, this design requires two hands to fasten, making it not ideal for all occasions.

Before the eighteenth century, men often wore necklaces as a symbol of their love or friendship. However, the disco dance and the hippie "love beads" made necklaces a fashion item for men. Men also wore gold chains strung with charms and amulets. African American men also wore diamond-encrusted pendants to show off their newly acquired wealth. There are numerous different styles of necklaces to choose from, and you can find one that suits you perfectly.