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Maria Tash

Maria Tash, Maria Tash is a Russian-born, Berlin-based artist whose practice investigates the power of sound as a medium for communication and remembrance. Her installation Sounding Out Memory (2016), which comprises audio recordings of herself reading aloud from personal letters she has collected, confronts us with the fragility of memory and its potential to torment as well as heal.


Missoma, The popularity of silver jewellery has never been greater, with women both young and old opting for pieces that not only look beautiful but are also reflective of their personality. Whether you're a fan of classic elegance or prefer something more quirky and individual, silver jewellery is sure to have a piece that perfectly reflects your style.
Some of the most popular styles for silver jewellery include delicate earrings, statement necklaces and rings, and bracelets. Whatever your preference, there's a perfect piece waiting to be discovered in the world of silver jewellery. So if you're on the hunt for something special, don't be afraid to give silver jewellery a try – you may just love it!

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader, Monica Vinader is an accomplished young woman with a bright future. Her drive and determination have taken her far in life, and she has always been determined to achieve her goals. Monica Vinader was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 8th, 1995. She is a third generation entrepreneur and has worked in the banking sector for most of her career. However, it was when she started her own business that she really started to shine. In 2016, Monica Vinader established her own beauty brand called Monicaty. The brand quickly became popular due to its innovative approach to cosmetics and its focus on natural ingredients. Today, Monicaty is one of the leading brands in the natural beauty sector and Monica Vinader is one of its most successful entrepreneurs.

Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace, A silver necklace is a timeless piece that can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a special gift for someone special, or you just want to add some elegance to your wardrobe, a silver necklace is the perfect option.

Pure Silver Indian Jewellery Online

Pure Silver Indian Jewellery Online, Looking for a chic way to show your love for silver? Shop online for pure silver jewellery that will make a statement. From earrings to necklaces, rings, and more, these pieces are sure to impress. Pure silver jewellery is always in style and offers a luxurious feel that can't be beat. Browse through our selection of beautiful pieces and find the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Whether you're looking for something special for yourself or want to give a gift to someone special, we have the perfect piece for you. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50!

Silver Sterling Jewellery

Silver Sterling Jewellery, The popularity of silver sterling jewellery is undeniable. This type of jewellery is perfect for those who want a timeless look and feel. Silver sterling jewellery is available in a range of prices, making it accessible to almost everyone. The intricate designs and beautiful craftsmanship that goes into making silver sterling jewellery are worth the investment.


Alighieri, In the 1300s, Dante Alighieri wrote a poem known as The Divine Comedy, which tells the story of a man named Dante who travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Alighieri was a brilliant thinker and one of the most influential writers in history. His works have influenced poets and thinkers throughout the centuries.


Mejuri, Mejuri is a Japanese word meaning "beautiful" or "handsome." Though it may not seem like much, the way someone looks can have a great impact on their overall well-being. In Japan, there is a deep-rooted cultural value placed on appearance and being beautiful. This is evident in the way people dress, the type of makeup they use, and even the way they speak.
Though beauty is often seen as something superficial, there are many benefits to being beautiful. People who are considered to be beautiful often experience higher levels of self-esteem and confidence. They also tend to be more successful than those who are not considered to be attractive.There are many things you can do to improve your appearance. You can try out different styles of clothing and make sure you have the right makeup for your skin type.
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