Silver Tragus Earrings

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Sterling Silver Rook Earrings

Sterling Silver Rook Earrings, Looking for a nice gift for the chess enthusiast in your life? Check out our selection of sterling silver rook earrings! These delicate earrings are made from high quality sterling silver, and feature a beautifully detailed rook. They're perfect for someone who loves playing the board game, or as a special touch to an outfit. Add these earrings to your cart today and enjoy your shopping experience with peace of mind!

Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing, Daith piercings are a type of body modification that involves piercing the septum between the nostrils. The piercing is done through the cartilage and can be done in both males and females.

Sterling Silver 16g Earrings

Sterling Silver 16g Earrings, Sterling silver 16g earrings are a great way to show off your style. These earrings are made of sterling silver, which is a very durable metal. They are also very light weight, so they will not cause you any discomfort when you wear them. The earrings come in two different styles - the classic hoop earring and the dangle earring. Both of these styles look great and can be worn for many different occasions.

Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling Silver Earrings, The tragus earring is a type of earring that features a small, silver hoop on the top of one's ear. The hoop is typically made out of metal, but it can also be made out of other materials like plastic. The tragus earring has become popular in recent years because it has a unique look that can add a bit of edge to an outfit.

Flat Back Tragus Jewelry

Flat Back Tragus Jewelry, There is no one way to achieve the perfect flat back tragus piercing. However, some of the most popular methods include traditional barbells and piercings done with a needle and thread, or using a curved barbell. In recent years, however, there has been a surge in popularity for flat back tragus jewelry.
One of the primary reasons for this is that flat back tragus jewelry is less invasive than other types of tragus piercings. This makes it an ideal option for people who are uncomfortable with traditional body piercing methods. Additionally, flat back tragus jewelry looks more natural than curved barbells or needles and thread piercings.If you're interested in flat back tragus jewelry, be sure to consult with a qualified piercer to see if it's the right type of piercing for you.
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