The Evolution of Spero Jewellery

The Evolution of Spero Jewellery

 However, the website has undergone a number of renovations over the years, in order to keep it relevant to modern tastes. A team of designers focused on the lingerie and jewellery departments, and developed a design that would be replicated across the UK. The team also collaborated with Austrian lighting company Kolarz to create bespoke decorative pieces.


Sales of Spero jewellery increased 18% on last year

 The Spero  reported half-year results on Thursday. While profits were down on last year, they were still better than the year before. For the first six months of the year, the firm made PS69 million in profit, up from PS55 million the year before. Despite the disappointing results, the firm showed improvement from its pre-pandenic period. It's still unclear what the next step will be for the company.

 The website has seen an increase in sales of vintage jewellery in the past three years. It has seen a 15% rise in vintage jewellery sales. Spero also offers a range of personalised jewellery and vintage pieces. The new  was a catalyst for the company to expand its offerings. The new 'Spero Vintage' collection will launch online in February.


The evolution of the Spero jewellery department

 The evolution of the jewellery department at Spero has been dramatic. While many people associate the brand with diamonds, personalised jewellery, and luxury giftware, there is a much more eclectic range. With this reimagined department, customers can browse a wide range of jewellery, from vintage to personalised designs. The retailer has seen an increase of 15 percent in sales in the past three years. The department has even expanded to another branch at the Eastland Mall.

 Birmingham jewellers were chosen from a shortlist of twenty to supply the new website. In addition, the Jewellery Quarter will feature beauty products, technology, homeware, and more. It will also feature a jewellery department with a Facebook page to promote the new store. This evolution is part of Spero's strategy to separate itself from competitors.


The advent calendar for Spero jewellery

 The advent calendar for Spero jewellery contains 22 pieces of gold or silver plated jewellery. Each piece can be worn individually or all together. These pieces range from necklaces to earrings and even individual accents. They were designed by British fashion illustrator Megan St Clair. As a result, the jewellery in the calendar is not only pretty to look at, but it's also functional! For the perfect gift, pick a few pieces and put them together for a great Christmas present this year!

 If you want to try on some of the pieces before you buy them, there's a special Advent calendar that includes a PS50 voucher. You can find more details about the items inside by visiting the website or contacting the brand. If you're looking for a gift that's not on sale at Spero, try the Missoma jewellery advent calendar. This gorgeous calendar includes their bestsellers such as the Small Ridge Padlock necklace and Molton Hoop earrings. The advent calendar will retail for PS316.