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Centaurea Macrocephala

Centaurea Macrocephala, A common name for this species of centaurea is macrocephala. This red flower has a long stem and wide leaves. The flowers are small, about the size of a poppy, and are in threes or fours. Each flower has a large, yellow center stigma and 8 small petals. The fruit is a tiny capsule that contains seeds.

Dandelion With Spiky Leaves

Dandelion With Spiky Leaves, Dandelions are a common sight in gardens and yards, but their spiky leaves are something to behold. This curious plant is known for its edible flowers and can be found growing in many parts of the world.

Sonchus Oleraceus

Sonchus Oleraceus, Sonchus oleraceus, commonly known as the golden or white sonchus, is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Scaritinae. It is found in Europe and Asia. The habitat includes open grassland and woods.
The golden or white sonchus has a long snout and a small head. It is brown on the back with light brown furrows running down its length. Its body is black except for the white furrow on its neck and shoulders. The legs are black, but they are also covered in short, soft furrows. Its antennae are short and unijointed.

Sonchus Asper

Sonchus Asper, Sonchus asper, also known as the Chinese five-spined cotton tatami, is a species of Sonchus that is found in China and Taiwan. It has a smooth fleshy surface with large dark spots and is dark brown to black in color. The sonchus can grow to about 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

Smooth Sow Thistle

Smooth Sow Thistle, Smooth sow thistle is a flower that often grows in moist areas. It is used to make a smooth surface on dishes or items. The flowers are also used to make a fragrance.

Yellow Thistle Scotland

Yellow Thistle Scotland, The yellow thistle (Urtica dioica) is a weed in the Asteraceae family that can grow as a shrub or tree. The flowerheads of this plant are yellow, and the leaves are typically heart-shaped. The ukraine yellow thistle is a cultivar that was developed in the Ukrayina region of Ukraine. It has been found to be an effective weed control agent for corn, potatoes, and other crops.

Sow Thistle Uk

Sow Thistle Uk, Sowing thistle is a common way to improve soil fertility in the UK. This invasive weed can cause serious damage to crops and flowers if not removed quickly.

Prickly Sow Thistle

Prickly Sow Thistle, If you are looking for a prickly sow thistle to plant in your garden, you may be disappointed. This sedge is not a common thorny plants in the United States but it is found in other parts of the world. In North America, it grows wild in areas such as Massachusetts and New York. It has an interesting history however and was once used to treat arthritis.
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