How to Care For Silver Christmas Ornaments

If you're considering purchasing a piece of silver jewelry, it's important to know how to clean it properly. First, you must determine the base metal of your silver ornaments. Are they made of pure silver or sterling silver? If so, how can you prevent tarnish? To keep your silver jewelry free of tarnish, you can use baking soda or aluminum foil to protect them from the elements. In addition, you should store your silver ornaments in a cool, dry place for several hours.

Sterling silver

Whether you're looking to add luxury to your tree or just add a bit of sparkle, sterling silver Christmas ornaments are an excellent choice. Many of them can become family heirlooms. In addition, they make great gifts. Many people choose to buy them for their loved ones for the holiday season. But there are some things you should keep in mind to preserve them. If you choose to gift them, you'll want to take special care of them so they can survive the off-season gauntlet.

Argentium silver

Made from ethically sourced silver, Argentium silver is a modern version of sterling. It is made from more pure silver than its sterling silver counterpart, making it far more durable and scratch resistant than sterling silver. Because it does not contain any plating or tarnishing agents, it has a whiter finish than sterling silver. And because it is hypoallergenic, it is also easier to clean and maintain than sterling silver.

Nickel silver

When it comes to jewelry, nickel silver is one of the most popular options, and there are a number of reasons why this metal is so popular. First and foremost, it is cheap. While it does not have much value per se, many consumers prefer nickel silver because it is shiny and appealing. And although nickel silver is inexpensive, it can be harmful for some people, particularly those who are allergic to nickel. So, what's the best way to avoid nickel silver ornaments?

Lacquered silver

When it comes to caring for your lacquered silver ornaments, a few things should be kept in mind. First of all, keep them away from water. While water will quickly tarnish silver ornaments, leaving them wet can speed up the tarnishing process. To avoid this, always use a soft, untreated cotton cloth to dry them after cleaning them. For tougher areas, use a cotton swab.

Mercury glass

If you'd like to buy a Mercury glass silver ornament, you'll need to buy the metal first. This metal is expensive, and if the silver is real, it will attract thieves and other criminals. Mercury glass is a cheaper alternative to genuine silver, and it will also not tarnish. Mercury glass was first discovered in early 19th century Germany. It was quickly embraced in France, England, and America, and was eventually made into household wares, including ornaments. It was appreciated until the invention of the light bulb, when modern lighting made it impossible to confuse glass for silver.