Here are all tips to keep your jewellery like first day!


Spero Jewellery pieces are designed to be worn for years to come. Everlasting use of your jewelry that cannot be thrown away is a part of sustainability and reduces co2 emissions. Spero is always committed to sustainability.

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Gift for every order!

Jewellery Polishing Cloth

As part of our sustainability promise and to ensure long lasting first time look for years we send Spero jewellery polising cloth for all of your orders! Thus, you will be able to explode your favorite silver jewelry at home and bring it back into your life.

How can jewellery tarish?

- Exposure to perfume, lotions & oils, chlorine and cleaning chemicals.

- Submerged or merged in water for significant periods of time or repeatedly dampened over time.

- Oxidation after prolonged storage in non-airtight containers or outdoors.

- Exposure to toxins or chemicals released from the skin through sweat

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