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Adjustable Rings

Adjustable to every size 925 Sterling Silver effortless and easy-to-wear, adjustable rings will be your new every day go-to. Whether you prefer a chunky statement chain or stack of delicate rings, we have a ring for you for your friends and family for every finger! Do not confuse with the ring size grap your adjustable ring and use it for multi finders for all of your family!

All Spero rings are adjustable for hassle free shopping. Shop now to buy before it goes out of stock!

Adjustable Rings are a great way to have maximum comfort when wearing jewelry. These rings are great for thick and thin fingers,
and come in many different sizes and shapes. All of them are made of sterling silver, which is antiallergenic. The best part about adjustable rings is that you can choose the size that is most comfortable for you. Whether you are a size 10 or a size 14 but you still want to feel comfortable wearing it, these rings can help you find the perfect fit.

Another great feature of
adjustable rings is that you can adjust their size upwards and downwards. When you're trying to resize an adjustable ring, be sure to do it on the finger you plan to wear it on. This way, you'll ensure the structural integrity of the ring. Pulling metal outwards will stretch the metal and possibly break thin, brittle rings. Adjustable rings are great for all occasions, and the great thing is that they are widely available in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs and personality.

 Many people who live in four
seasons know that their fingers expand and contract during the summer and decrease during the winter. Trying to wear jewelry for one season can be a hassle. Adjustable rings eliminate this hassle because they can be adjusted to fit any finger size. You can also give them as a gift without worrying about their size. There is no need to worry about them getting lost - just pick them
up and wear them! They're also easy to move from one finger to another