We have a promise to our world, future, children and our customers!

Better Tomorrows

Sustainability is not a simple thing, and we take it seriously. All products in the Spero family are made from 100% recycled sterling silver provided by our manufacturers and our resources. Since it has undergone the necessary processes, there is no difference between recycled silver and mined silver. Sustainability is a broad concept, and the Spero family stands behind this promise we make to our world and our future. Here is how...

Our People

Spero is proud to collaborate and work with individuals who are creative, diverse, and share our values. From supply partners to influencers, we consistently assess if they align with our values. All of our supply partners have affirmed their commitment to responsible management, ensuring fair living wages and working hours, secure and ethical working conditions, and supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion within their workforce. Our partners are dedicated to using sustainable raw materials and packaging. Our team members and partners visit workplaces regularly to ensure adherence to these committed standards. We invite everyone to be a part of Spero; there is always a place for everyone in our community. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


Spero is not part of the fast or throwaway fashion industry. Our jewelry is crafted and designed to last, boasting the highest quality in the world and impeccable craftsmanship. We ensure a lifetime of use, carefully evaluating every factor from the artisan's touch to the finest details of the finish. With each order, we include a complimentary Spero Jewellery Polishing Cloth, ensuring your jewelry remains as exquisite as it was on the first day. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, Spero London goes beyond commercial concerns. In the event customers return products, we encourage them not to return the polishing cloth, allowing them to use it for the extended care of their jewelry.

Because we're more than just jewelry; we are

Because we're more than just jewellery we are