We have a promise to our world, future, children and our customers!

Better Tomorrows

Our People

Spero is proud to collobrate and work with peple who are creative, diverse, and share the same values. From supply partners to influencers, we constantly audit if they fit our values. All of our supply partners ensured their commitment to responsible management, ensuring fair living salaries and working hours, secure and ethical working conditions, and supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion within their workforce. Our partners are committed to using sustainable raw materials and packaging. Our dedicated team members and partners visit workplaces regularly to ensure their committed standards. We invite everyone to be a part of Spero. There is always a place for everyone in Spero. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Metarial

Our jewellery is delicately handcrafted before it sets off for you. Spero products are 100% Sterling Silver and 100% Recycled. We only use recycled sterling silver in our workshops. After certain processes, there is no difference between recycled silver and mined silver. Products are created from recyclable silver, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60%.


Our packaging is proven to be 100% recyclable and sustainable. In this way, we can ship without creating unnecessary plastic waste and keep our oceans clean. By using recyclable packaging, we are reducing deforestation. 


Spero is not a fast or throw away fashion. Our jewellery is made and designed for last with the best quality in the world with the best craftsmanship. We offer a lifetime of use. While doing this, many factors from who made it to the most delicate finish were evaluated simultaneously. We are also sending complimentary Spero Jewellery Polishing Cloth with each order; your jewellery will always be as it was on the first day. Spero London cares about sustainability and takes it seriously beyond commercial concerns. That's why even if customers return the products, we encourage our customers not to return the polishing cloth to use their own jewellery longer term.

Buy Back

Sometimes consumers left their silver jewellery to their destiny in their closet. Or they throw away. It is also not used when it gets darker or discarded because it is considered outdated. Did you know that silver jewellery can regain its first day's shine with your efforts at home? Spero is aware of this. To prevent such problem, we send special jewellery polishing cloth, which has a market price of £10, free of charge to our customers. When it comes to sustainability, nothing is enough. We always allow our valuable customers to recycle! You can always send your silver jewellery and recycle them by exchanging it for store credits.

Because we're more than just jewellery we are