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Chain Necklaces

Layer it to make a statement and resize with adjustable necklace extenders. Spero London sterling silver chain necklaces are everything you need. Use a delicate, simple chain to feel the beauty of simplicity.

Taste the unique Italian quality with Spero designs. Whether you prefer silver or the warm yellow colour of gold, it's up to you to add the delicacy of a silver chain to your outfit or create a statement by layering it. Our flat Italian snake design or rope chaıns are perfect for a beautıfull gift for someone special.

If you're not sure what to wear with your chain necklaces, then you should first learn a few basics. Chose a sterling silver Herringbone chain.

You can wear pendant necklaces with a variety of styles, including delicate chains. You can also choose to purchase a pendant separately from the chain. Pendants with chains are convenient to wear on their own and are usually cheap and easy to carry. These necklaces are easy to travel with and can be found online for a very affordable price. You can even find a necklace made from recycled metals! For a more unique look, opt for a necklace.

Snake chains and herringbone chains are variations of the common link chain. Snake chains are made with tightly connected bands or plates, resulting in a smooth zigzag pattern. These are the easiest and most subdued chains to wear, but can be very fashionable when paired with pendants. Some chains also feature spring-loaded clasps. You can open these clasps with your thumbs or by pulling a lever. Some chains feature an antique finish or are shaped like scales. 

When shopping for a chain necklace, consider its length. A chain is often a long, skinny piece of jewelry that comes with a pendant. Pendants can be any shape or form, but they should be attached to a chain of similar material. Most necklaces have a single pendant, but you can also get a chain with several pendants. Choosing a chain length depends on your budget and your personal style. Make sure you know exactly what you want before making a purchase.