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Ear Cuffs

Carrying the noble traces of the past to today's modern world, sterling silver ear cuff earrings offer you much more than you expect with their wonderful designs. Ear cuff earring styles of Spero, obtained with special workmanship, are among the most trendy options of the new season. You can catch the reflection of freedom to elegance by choosing the one you want among different models that will fit with your combination.

Ear Cuffs are a great way to add a touch of jewelry to your ears. Ear cuffs come in many different materials, including plastic, wood, and gold. These pieces are usually adorned with gemstones such as rubies, citrine, topaz, moonstones, and pearls. Most ear cuffs can be removed for cleaning, but they can be easily cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth.

If you have a unique style, ear cuffs can make a statement. They go great with hoops and other studs, and you can even stack a couple together for an impactful look. To wear more than one ear cuff, you can simply choose a few different ones and stack them up, leaving enough room on the lobe for a pair of gorgeous stud earrings. This is a great way to showcase your eclectic style without having to worry about getting your ears pierced.

How to Wear Ear Cuffs

Choose your favorite earrings. You can pair your ear cuff with your favorite earrings, provided that they are subtle. Choose a decorative cuff if you are wearing simple diamond studs, but try to wear delicate, long dangling earrings. Don't wear a heavily dangling earring with an intricate cuff - it will likely clash with the cuff. If you're unsure of what size to choose, has a comprehensive list of ear cuffs for women.

If you're unsure of how to properly wear an ear cuff, it is important to try it on in the mirror. Pull the front flange of the ear cuff toward the ear rim, and then gently slide it backward. If the ear cuff slides off of the lobe, it's probably too loose. Don't worry, the cuff is removable when the day is done.