Caring For Your Spero Rose Gold Earrings

Caring For Your Spero Rose Gold Earrings

If you love wearing rose-gold-colored jewellery, then you should consider purchasing some Spero Rose earrings. These earring sets are made from the same metal, but have different designs and styles. Whether you choose a stud or a drop earring, you'll find the perfect accessory for every outfit. Read on to find out how to care for your new jewellery set. Here are some tips to keep them looking as good as new for years to come.



A pair of Spero rose gold earrings is a beautiful way to express your femininity. Plating rose gold on silver and copper is an unusual mix that gives off luminous blush-pink tones. Spero uses the world's largest alloy suppliers for Spero's rose gold jewellery. The gold plating is treated with an anti-tarnish coating and is hand-finished to exacting standards. The gold plating carries the ALE MET hallmark, which means it's free of any toxic metals.


Care instructions

Care for your Spero Rose gold earrings is as simple as avoiding water and chemicals. Always remove your earrings before swimming or engaging in other physical activities. Cleaning agents, such as chlorine, will ruin the shine of your earrings. Also, you should avoid using your Spero earrings with perfumes and other harsh chemicals. You should also keep your Spero jewelry away from extreme temperatures and avoid wearing it while swimming. To keep your earrings in tip-top condition, follow these simple steps:



When it comes to caring for your Spero rose gold earrings, cleaning is the most important step. Use warm water mixed with a mild dish soap to clean your earrings. Then, gently scrub each charm with a soft toothbrush. Dry your earrings with a lint-free cloth. If your Spero rose earrings start to tarnish, you can use a polishing cloth. Keep in mind that sterling silver tends to tarnish quickly - black specks form on it.



If you have an expensive pair of Spero rose gold earrings, you should look into the possibility of fading over time. You may be surprised to learn that they are made of real metal and not just man-made alloys. This is because the majority of Spero's pieces are composed of gold or silver alloys. The alloy composition is uniform and unlike pure gold, which is susceptible to scratches and damages. Luckily, there are many ways to preserve your Spero rose gold earrings.

fading of 14kt rose gold

Despite the age of the rose gold jewellery, there are some reasons why they may fade. The main reason for this is the soft metal that rose gold is. Gold jewelry contains alloys to make it more durable. Copper is one of these alloys and is used in building construction, trains, and electrical conductors. Rose gold jewelry can fade with age, but if cared for properly, the earrings will maintain their original look and shine for a long time.


Durability of Spero's rose gold jewelry

If you've recently purchased a pair of Spero rose gold earrings, you probably want to know how to care for them. Spero recommends using a plastic Ziploc bag for storage. Choose one made of polyethylene or Mylar to avoid tarnishing. Avoid storing your earrings in rubber containers, as they can contain sulfur compounds that can accelerate the tarnishing process. To maintain the brilliance of your Spero rose gold earrings, make sure they're stored in a tarnish-resistant pouch.